Spirit Ball

Spirit Ball
Several Spirit Balls appearing after Luigi revealed a door using the Dark-Light Device
Species None
Ally King Boo
Debut Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)

[edit] Description

Spirit Balls are strange paranormal floating balls encountered in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and are used by Ghosts (such as Boos) to make certain objects disappear. This can include any number of objects such as furniture, or doors. In order for Luigi to reveal these hidden objects he must shine the Dark-Light Device on them for a period until the Spirit Balls appear. After this the Spirit Balls will float around and Luigi will have to suck them up using the Poltergust 5000, revealing the object after they are all gone. Spirit Balls are easy to suck up, but will take some health if Luigi runs into them.

Revealing some objects concealed by Spirit Balls will sometimes make a Boo appear, and also allow Luigi to continue with his adventure. Some of them also reveal objects hiding Gems, and money.

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