Spiny Desert


Overview of Spiny Desert board map

Game board is in Mario Party 3
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Real/Mirage
Happening Space Effect Sucks all players in surrounding area into a sandpit and spits them out in the other sandpit.
Availability Available at the start

Spiny Desert is one of the 6 playable boards in Mario Party 3. As the name implies, the board is in a desert setting with a day/night aspect to it.(though not like Mario Party 6 or Horror Land from Mario Party 2) Most of the board is in harsh sunlight while the smaller part is shrouded in darkness at night. The constant challenge is trying to find the real star space. There will always be 2 star spaces, but one is a mirage(illusion; something common in deserts) while the other is real. The only way to find the real star for sure is to use the Magic Lamp item. Action Time occurs when the player attempts to go across to the other side of the map just past the Item Shop on the top side of the board. Not jumping over the first cactus will send the player bouncing in pain over to the far right side(character's left) of the board. Failing to jump over the 2nd cactus will send the player bouncing in pain over to the far left side(character's right) of the board. In Story Mode, the player battles to earn the Strength Star Stamp.

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