Spinner Cell

Spinner Cell
MP7 SpinnerCell.jpg
Spinner Cell as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Spinner Cell is a one vs three mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It consists of the three players trapped inside an arena type area. The single player controls a large spiked cylinder, and a smaller disk which he or she uses on the other players. The three players must avoid both of these things. If one of the three gets hit by the spiky cylinder they will be eliminated from the game, if they get hit by the small disk one they will be slowed down. If at least one of the three players is left after the time runs out all three of them will win. If all three players get kicked out by the single player, than they win.

[edit] Controls

The three players use the control pad to move, and the A button to jump. The single player uses the control pad to move the spiked cylinder, and the yellow control pad to move the smaller disk one.

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