Spear Guy Orb

Spear Guy Orb

Spear Guy Orb as it appears in Mario Party 7.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 7- Single Space Orb that, when landed on, causes a Spear Guy to appear and take coins from you equal to the number determined by hitting a Dice Block. The coins go to the owner of the Orb Space.
Coin Cost 15 coins(Mario Party 7)
Rarity Uncommon

The Spear Guy Orb made its one and only appearance in the Mario Party Series in Mario Party 7. It is a Single Space Orb that costs 15 coins from an Orb Shop. When a player lands on this space, a Spear Guy will appear and take coins away from the victim that is equal to the number rolled on a Dice Block. Whoever is the owner of the space receives the stolen coins. The effects and mechanics are very similar to that of the Goomba Orb from Mario Party 6.

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