Skeeter as he appears in Super Mario 64 DS.


[edit] Appearance

Skeeter is a multicolored antagonist found in several Mario title games. Hence multicolored he appears as different colors based on the games he is encountered in. Aside from this he always appears about the same in looks, though he does vary somewhat in size and shape per game. He resembles a spider with four legs who walks on the surface of the water. His main role here is to charge Mario and try to crash into him while he is swimming. Thus attempting to make him lose health and lives, in most cases Mario can punch or jump on him to defeat him.

[edit] Super Mario 64

In Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 Skeeter is encountered in the one area, Wet Dry World. He has a small round blue colored body, and long black legs with yellow suction cups on his feet. He floats on the water trying to run into Mario. He also has a small red knob of sorts on his back.

[edit] Super Mario 64 DS

In the remake of Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS he appears again in the same level Wet Dry World. His appearance in this game is very similar to Super Mario 64 with the same type of body, and long legs. Again he swims on the surface trying to run into Yoshi,Mario,Luigi,or Wario. Thus causing loss of health or lives. It is also confirmed that he can walk on dry land in this game, causing lose of health if he is run into. In both of these games he can be defeated with a punch or jump attack, also in both games he may have made a second appearance in the level(s) Dire Dire Docks.

[edit] Super Mario Sunshine

He also appears in the GameCube 64 title Super Mario Sunshine where he appears on the lake in the level Bianco Hills. He appears differently in this game, a little with long legs that are more arched. His body and legs are a dark blue with his feet being yellow. He also does not have the round red knob on his body like the others. His body also is less round and more shell like. Again he does try to charge you on the water and take health, or lives. It is also believed that he cannot be defeated in this game.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. DS

His only 2D game appearance is the DS game New Super Mario Bros. DS. His body is round in this game but this time a pinkish red color, he also has the knob on his back again but in this game it`s yellow. His legs a very short in this game which is a big difference from the others. His legs are black with the yellow feet which seem to stay. Again he swims back and forth charging Mario and trying to make him lose lives. This time he can also attack Mario under the water by dropping mines. He can be defeated by being jumped on or using a shell.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

His most recent appearance is in the Wii Mario title Super Mario Galaxy 2. Again he attacks Mario by charging him on the surface of the water, his color and appearance has changed again for this game. This time he has a flat type body with a shell look to it, kind of like Super Mario Sunshine. His legs are pretty short and yellow this time. He also lacks a knob and his suction cup type feet are an orange color instead of yellow. Again Mario can defeat him by jumping on him, or also Yoshi could eat him.

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