Sirena Beach

Serena Beach is found on the West side of Isle Delfino, on the bottom half of the Dolphin's Tail. In fact, you can see it from Gelato Beach if you swim in that direction far enough. It is a nice calm retreat with a beautiful sunset. However, Bowser Jr. And His Paint have caused some Havoc that you'll have to clean up. To get there, you need to find Yoshi, and you have to get up on the buildings behind the Statue in Delfino Plaza, to have Yoshi Eat the Pineapple. Then, you go down the Warp Pipe.

[edit] Chapter Names

[edit] The Beach

The Beach is nice, and the water's very shallow. There's many fruit to kick around or carry, and lots of boxes as well. Further up are a few hot tubs, along with a few huts, which are ideal hiding places for the Manta Storms. Further up is the entrance to Hotel Delfino.

[edit] The Hotel

The Hotel is very nice. In the lobby is sort of a totem pole in the middle, surrounded by a moat of water. There is also a fruit shack, and a secret Casino. You can also go in the restrooms (Even the Ladies Room). Up stairs are the rooms to the hotel. There's a Swimming Pool on the third Floor, and you can also eventually go in the attic, full of venting pipes. You can also get inside the locked rooms this way, and usually, there's secrets that let you get into the next rooms.

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