Shrooboid Brat

Shrooboid Brat
Shrooboid Brat Idle.gif
Location Koopaseum
HP 1100 (900)
Power 83 (85)
Defense 55
Speed 34
Experience 180
Coins 100

The Shrooboid Brat is a blue Shroob with yellow spots that holds a lollipop. It would first appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time at the Koopaseum. During the events of the game, the four Mario Bros. would stumble upon Princess Shroob's speech. They would dispatch her bodyguards fairly quickly but would end up being challenge by the head Shroob herself. The Shrooboid Brat would be called in to defend the princess as it is the champion Shroob fighter than Shroobs admire. The Mario Bros. would face off against the Shrooboid Brat in battle in front of thousands of Shroobs.

Shrooboid Bat would not choose his own attacks during the battle. Instead, he allows the audience to decide what attack he should use. He will face the crowd and they will hold up either a red 'M' panel for Mario or a green 'L' for Luigi. The one bro with the most panels, the Shrooboid will attack. He will attack by throwing his lollipop at the Mario brother. The Mario Bro. can easily jump over it to avoid it. Occasionally the crowd will get tricky and try to hold up green 'M' panels and red 'L' panels. The brothers will need to ignore the colors and figure out which has more, the 'M' or 'L's.

The crowd would also occasionally throw items at the Shrooboid Brat during the battle and then indicate which item should be used on what brother. Most of the time, the audience will give him several items and he will spit them in reverse order.

When the Shrooboid Brat is defeated, the victory ends up being short-lived as Princess Shroob would think ahead and send Shroobs with hammers into the arena and pound a hole into the ground and send the Mario brothers falling into the Gritzy Caves, which is home to Petey Piranha.

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