Shell Shocked

Shell Shocked
Shell Shocked - Normal.png
Wario, Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi playing Shell Shocked.
World Four/Eight
Levels Three
Players Four
Time Limit 60 Seconds Per Round
Type 4 Player
Controls Buttons + Analog

Shell Shocked is a 4-player mini-game featured in mini-games in Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii. Players will attempt to knock off their opponents by shooting cannonballs at their opponents by using their tanks. Players will be able to use their straight shot to attack enemies or use a Lob Shot to hit their opponents if they are behind a Warp Pipe. There are Three different levels that a player can choose from in Mini-Game Land. The Warp Pipes will be moved around on the level depending on the level.

Shell Shocked would appear in World 4 and then at the end of World 8 in Mini-Game Coaster. The opponents that the player fight against are three Koopa Kids(or Mini-Bowsers).

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Move around
  • A Button- Straight shot
  • B Button- Lob shot
  • Z Button- Aim while moving
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