SNES Ghost Valley 2

[edit] Biography

In Super Mario Kart SNES Ghost Valley 2 was the second race in Flower Cup. Now, as a Retro track in Mario Kart Wii, it is the third race in the Shell Cup.

[edit] Shortcuts

After the second turn, there are two choices: drift around the left, or jump the gap straight ahead on the right. The gap is faster, and is used in the world record. A boost is not required to jump it, but be sure you're at your top speed. Also: Make sure you don't hop before starting your jump, because it'll make you miss the ramp, and lose precious time when you fall off.

[edit] Strategies

  • Drifting is very useful here if you use the "Manual" transmission. It's smart to drift around every turn - and if your vehicles got a large enough Mine Turbo stat - to wait until you get sparks before letting go of the drift button.
  • Wheelies (Bikes Only): If you're on a bike, wheelie on all straights. It gives you a useful speed boost, but make sure you don't ram anyone - even the ones that are smaller than you - because it'll make you lose your wheelie, and you'll lose all of your speed, meaning you'll have to accelerate back up to your top speed again, which is worse the larger your character is. The same goes for others ramming you.

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