Royal Raceway

Royal Raceway

Royal Raceway.

Cup Star Cup
Distance 1025 m

Royal Raceway is the third track of the Star Cup in Mario Kart 64. This track is intended to be Princess Peach's home course of the game. On this track, it will feature many sharp turns that will require proper drifting if a player wants to have a good lap time. Some of these turns are highly banked and curved around water hazards. The player will need to maintain a good path around the track, to avoid running into the deep grass, or falling into the water. There is also a jump over the lake that the player will have to cross.

This course will have the same music as Luigi Raceway and Mario Raceway.

An Easter Egg that can be found on this track is Princess Peach's Castle(as seen in Super Mario 64). The player can follow a trail shortly after the jump that will allow the player to drive through the field in front of the castle. There is no way to enter the castle, except by glitch. Which will only let the kart fall through the front door into a pitch black room before hitting water..

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