Rope is a rare object that would first appear in Super Mario World and usually linked with a mechanism moving constantly left and right or up and down. This allows Mario and Luigi to grab the rope and cross the abysses. If Mario is on Yoshi, he will have to ditch Yoshi as he can not grab the rope.

It would appear several times in the Mario series and usually found in minigames in the Mario Party Series like Hot Rope Jump in Mario Party. The rope would be made of Podoboos and the players will need to jump over the rope. Get a Rope from Mario Party 5 would have the player choose one of the three ropes. Chump Rope from Mario Party 8 would be similar to Hot Rope Jump though it is a 1-vs.3 minigame. It would return in Skipping Class in Mario Party 9.

They would also appear in the Donkey Kong Series.

[edit] Tightrope

The Tightrope is a type of rope that would appear in Super Mario Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D Land. They would act like normal platforms in the later Mario games though Mario would move slower on it though he will be able to jump higher. In Super Mario Sunshine, he would need to watch out for the Spiky Rings that try to harm him. This would be the same Super Mario 3D Land but if Mario stays still for to long, he will fall off. Fuzzies would be found on the tightrope.

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