Red Space

Blue Space
Effect Lose three coins(six or nine depending on the game and Last 5 Turn Event)
First Appearance Mario Party
Latest Appearance Mario Party DS

Red Spaces are spaces from the Mario Party series. There are very few Red Spaces scattered across every board map. When players land on this space, they will lose three coins.

During the last five turns, from Mario Party to Mario Party 3, players would lose six coins for landing on a Red Space. In Mario Party 4, players would lose six coins from a Red Space, only if the Coin Multiplier is chosen as the new rule. From Mario Party 5 to Mario Party 7, if the Coin Multiplier is chosen as the new rule, players would lose nine coins from landing on a Red Space, otherwise only three coins are lost. In Mario Party 8 and Mario Party DS, players lose only three coins when landing on a Red Space.

Red Spaces play a slightly large role in Mario Party 7 and 8, due to one of the possible Bonus Stars being the Red Star, which is given to the player who landed on the most Red Spaces throughout the game.

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