Rainbow Ride

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Rainbow Ride
Mario on the magic carpet in Rainbow Ride.
Star Missions Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
The Big House in the Sky
Coins Amassed in a Maze
Swingin' in the Breeze
Tricky Triangles
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Ride is the fifteenth and final course of Super Mario 64. There is very little backtracking in the course and it will offer several paths that lead to other Power Stars. The entrance to the course can be found in the same room as Tick Tock Clock. Mario does not enter a painting for this course, but through a hole on the opposite side of where Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow is found.

This course is set in the skies, and Mario will need to use the flying carpets that have been given out throughout the level to navigate through the course to collect the Power Stars.


[edit] Star Missions

[edit] Star 1: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow

For the first Power Star, Mario is required to get onto the flying airship. The ship can be reached by using several flying carpets, while dodging enemies along the way. On the main intersection, in this course, Mario will need to take the flying carpet on the right, and then the flying carpet on the left further down the path. When Mario reaches the ship, the wind will try and hinder Mario's movement to collect the Power Star.

[edit] Star 2: The Big House in the Sky

The next Power Star is located on top of the big house in the course. Going back to the main intersection, Mario will need to go onto the carpet on the right again, but then choose the right carpet again further down. Mario will have to jump over obstacles that are in the way of the flying carpet and avoid the flame thrower in the basement of the house. Once on top of the house, Mario can collect the Power Star.

[edit] Star 3: Coins Amassed in a Maze

The eight Red Coins of Rainbows Ride are located in a side-view maze located near the course's main intersection. There will be Bob-ombs that will try to hurt Mario on the bottom level and on the top, there will be flames. Mario will need to use different abilities to acquire some of the coins. The star will appear on the Star Marker when all 8 have been collected.

[edit] Star 4:Swingin' in the Breeze

Mario will be required to clear an obstacle course to collect the 4th Power Star of Rainbow Ride. When Mario reaches the main intersection, he should head left and climb down the pole, then take the way down the right and use the platforms that swing back and forth. Then he will need to cross several fall-down platforms and avoid a flamethrower before being able to collect the Power Star.

[edit] Star 5:Tricky Triangles

Taking the same path as Swingin' in the Breeze, Mario will need to take another route as soon as he finds the only Goomba of the course. He will have to go in the direction of the triangles. Hitting the flat ! switch, he can temporarily make the triangles turn over and create a platform that he can cross to jump over to the Power Star.

[edit] Star 6: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

For the final Power Star, Mario will have to find the Bob-omb Buddy of the course. He can be found on the very top of the coin maze in the Coins Amassed in a Maze star mission.

The cannon will open at the stern of the flying ship, that Mario visited for the very first Power Star of the course. He will need to shoot himself through a rainbow circle and onto a platform with a Chuckya. The Power Star will also be on this platform.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

There are a total of 146 coins in Rainbow Ride. Here are some hints to collect coins:

  • 8 Red Coins
  • 6 Blue Coins from Switch.
  • Rings of coins.
  • Lines of Coins.
  • Defeating Enemies(Bob-omb, Lakitu, Chuckya, Fly Guy, Goomba).

[edit] Enemies

Enemies found in Rainbow Ride are:

[edit] Appearance In The Smash Brothers Series

Rainbow Cruise stock art

Rainbow Ride makes an appearance in two of the Super Smash Brothers games as Rainbow Cruise. It is a stage of the flying ship that was in Super Mario 64 and the Smash Brother fighters can fight on top of it.

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