Racing Modes (MarioKart64)

There are four different modes to choose from in Mario Kart 64.


[edit] Battle Mode

In this mode you duke it out with other human opponents in one of four special arenas. Each player starts with three balloons and loses one whenever he or she gets hit by an item. This is the most competitive of all the modes. The more players you're playing against, the more fun it is.

[edit] Grand Prix

Players: 1-2 Grand Prix is the main mode of Mario Kart 64. You race against 7 computer opponents and get a certain amount of points for finishing in first through fourth. You can win a trophy at the end which will be saved into the game's memory. There are three normal speeds, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc, which are increasingly difficult, and one secret mode, Extra, which you can unlock by getting gold on all the cups in 150cc.

[edit] Time Trial

Players: 1 In Time Trials, you're the only one. You start out with Triple Mushrooms, but there are no other items on the course. You try to set records. In this mode, using all the shortcuts and doing everything flawlessly becomes extremely important.

[edit] Versus Mode

Players: 2-4 In this mode, you can race against 1-3 human opponents on a single course. In this mode, there are bombs scattered around. In this mode, it's even more fun to get opponents with items. This mode is good for practicing shortcuts.

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