Quicksand Cache

Quicksand Cache
Quicksand Cache.JPG
Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Peach playing Quicksand Cache

Quicksand Cache is a 1 vs 3 Bonus Minigame featured in Mario Party 2. Coins and the occasional Coin Bag will fall onto the sand as the minigame begin. The solo player(in a Bowser suit) must rotate the quicksand to draw the coins near him/her and steer the players away from the coins as they also try to collect them. The team players have to collect the coins while trying not to get sucked into the quicksand. If a team player gets sucked in, the amount of coins they collected will be the amount they earn at the end of the minigame.

Due to this minigame being a Bonus, all players will keep the amount of coins they earned when playing this minigame in Party Mode.

[edit] Controls

Solo Player

  • Control Stick - Left/Right to rotate the quicksand

Team Players

  • Control Stick - Move
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