Pyramid Park

Pyramid Park

Overview of the Pyramid Park board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type None
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Pyramid Park is one of the six board maps from Mario Party 7. It is based on locations from Egypt and is set in a desert-type area. Here, Goombas known as Desert Goombas were in charge of the Orb Shops and the various other attractions across the board. The method of obtaining Stars on this board is the exact same from Snowflake Lake in Mario Party 6. You have to ride Chain Chomps to steal stars from your opponents. The only other means of getting Stars was through getting one after emerging victorious in a Single-Player DK mini-game. Everyone starts with 5 Stars so there's always at least 20 Stars in circulation. There was also a Whomp on this board that would charge players 10 coins to use the path he was blocking.

As with the other MP7 boards, the Green Spaces had varied effects depending on where you landed on them. The one near the desert oasis at the bottom of the board allowed the player to swim for coins. However, you would have to avoid alligators that closely resembled Klaptraps as you were collecting the coins. The Green Space next to the Sphinx that resembled Bowser's face would prompt the Sphinx to awaken and accuse the player of trying to steal its treasure. This would be followed by the Bowser Sphinx dividing up everyone's coins equally similar to a Bowser Revolution event from previous installments. Green Spaces next to quicksand on either side of the board would trigger an event where all players on spaces just above the quicksand were sucked in and transported to the other quicksand area. It's very similar to one of the events from Spiny Desert in Mario Party 3. Finally, the Green Space in front of the jars would prompt a Monty Mole to come out and ask the player if s/he wanted to hit a few cobras. In this coin game, you would get a coin for each cobra you hit. However, if you hit Monty Mole by accident, the game would end.

During Bowser Time, Bowser may:

  • Take a photograph of all players at the cost of 10-20 coins per player. He would leave before handing the photo over.
  • Flatten an Orb Shop and replace it with his own. Koopa Kid would then throw the next passerby in so Bowser could sell them a worthless item or Koopa Kid Orb.
  • Summon a harsh sandstorm that destroyed the bridges. The bridges would be impassable for 3 turns.
  • Steal a Star from the player in first place and give it to Koopa Kid. Koopa Kid would be located somewhere on the board. To steal the star back, players could utilize the Chain Chomp like they would against other opponents.

To complete this board in Solo Mode, you have to use a Chain Chomp to take back the star Bandit stole from the Bowser Sphinx. You would then need to return it to the Sphinx before having the Star stolen by your opponent.

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