Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Puzzle Plank Galaxy.png
Area World 2
Unlocked By Defeat Gobblegut in Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla.
Boss Bugaboom
Comet(s) Purple Comet
Green Comet Comet
Levels The Puzzling Picture Block
Bugaboom's Back
Purple Coin Shadow Vault>br>Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3

Puzzle Plank Galaxy is the first galaxy of World 2 in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It features wooden planks that float in the blue sky that can be used as platforms. However, these platforms can be cut by Grinders and will eventually remove the plank and have them remove from the world. If Mario stays on these falling platforms, he'd lose a life. Enemies like Wigglers and Mandibugs can be found in this world.


[edit] Planets

[edit] Starting Planets

The starting planet is made up of two sections. The first section is a top area made up of two large, wooden blocks that are connected by a wooden structure in the shape of an "H". If a player ground pounds the latter, it will take them to the second area of the planet. This area will have two Wigglers walking in a circular and there is four red switches that can be hit. They will be found in each corner of the area. The bottom left switch contains Star Bits, the upper left has musical notes that go in a spiral motion and play the Super Mario World theme, the upper right is coins and the bottom right reveals a Launch Star.

[edit] Pound Pillars Planet

The Pound Pillar Planet has three pillars on it and can be pounded on to make them pop up on the other side of the planet. If the player ground pounds them again, he will be able to use the Launch Star. Grinders can be found on the sides of the planet and as well as some Octogoombas. A Hungry Luma can be found on here and will want 70 coins and a Warp Pipe will lead to a room with a ? Coin. The player will need to collect the coins before time runs out if they want the 1-Up. This planet will actually appear on the cover for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

[edit] Purple Coin Vault

While it is not a planet, it is a location only accessible during the Purple Coin Shadow Vault mission. Located inside of the Warp Pipe on the Pound Pillars Planet. It has a total of 100 Purple Coins, split up in 25 different groups of four coins. Cosmic Clones could be found on this area as well.

[edit] Grinder Planet


The Grinder Planet is made up of Grinders, Slurples, Flipbugs, and Mandibugs. These Grinders are only activated when the player is close to them and they will begin to cut out pieces of the planet, creating gaps and making it harder to progress on the planet. Some of these Grinders will also be necessary in continuing. There is a Comet Medal found on the light brown section where the player lands.

[edit] Picture Block Planet

The Picture Block Planet is a picture block puzzle as the name intends, with a green beetle with large, swirly eyes and a long antennae. The player will have to complete the puzzle by ground pounding the blocks into an open space until they form the picture. Mandibugs will appear after the puzzle is completed and Mario will need to defeat them for the Star.

[edit] Bugaboom's Wooden Planet


This planet is where Mario faces off against Bugaboom. The player will need to feed the Hungry Luma on the Pound Pillars Planet, 70 coins so that it will transform into this planet. This is a wooden bonsai-like planet with trampolines, several Cloud Flowers, and dandelions. It has shallow streams and lakes of water and resembles an autumn version of the planet in Honeyhive Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Missions

[edit] The Puzzling Picture Block

PuPlG M1.png

For this Power Star, the player will need to make their way to the Picture Block Planet. They will need to first ground pound the star mark on the Starting Planet so the platform will fall into the planet below. This will active the bottom-right switch for the Launch star to appear. This will take them to a grassy planet with three pillars on the opposite side of the planet. Once they have been slammed back to the other side, the Launch Star will be accessible.

This will blast them to the Grinder Planet, and they will have to make their way through this planet to get to the next one. They will need to be aware of the Grinders cutting pieces of the level away. Once at the Launch Star, they will be launched to the planet with a Luma Star and a checkpoint. Using the Launch Star on this planet, will take them to the final planet. Once on this planet, they will need to rearrange the blocks to form the picture. Once it matches the picture, two Mandibugs will appear and will need to be defeated for the Power Star to appear.

[edit] Bugaboom's Back

PuPlG M2.png

In order to do this mission, the player will have to redo the Puzzling Picture Block mission. Once the player reaches the Pound Pillars Planet, they will need to collect at least 70 coins before reaching the Hungry Luma, as the Hungry Luma requires 70 coins. This Luma will turn into the Bugaboom's Wooden Planet and the player will need to make their way to the large tree in the middle using the Cloud Flower.

When Mario lands on the planet, Bugaboom will appear and attack the player. Using the Cloud Mario form, they will use the springs to jump onto Bugaboom's back and ground pound him. Doing this 3 times, will defeat Bugaboom and give Mario another Power Star.

[edit] Purple Coin Shadow Vault

PuPlG M3.png

The player will need to make their way to the Warp Pipe on the Pound Pillars Planet. Mario will have one minute to collect 100 Purple Coins, that are divided into 25 sets of four. While doing this, he will need to avoid the Cosmic Clones that will chase after Mario during this mission. This is only available when the Purple Comet is in orbit.

[edit] Green Star 1

PuPlG GS1.png

Redoing the Puzzle Picture Block mission, the player will need to land on the Starting Planet then head north to the trampoline. Carefully executing a jump on the trampoline, they will land on top of the ? Block without breaking it. Inside of it, is the Green Star, it can be obtained with a backflip followed by a Star Spin.

[edit] Green Star 2

PuPlG GS2.png

Playing the Puzzle Picture Block mission once more, the player will have to make it to the Grinder Planet. They will need to run to the piece of wood standing vertically, forming a wall. Before the Grinder can cut it, the player should Wall Jump off the wood to reach the Green Star. The Co-Star Luma can also stop the Grinder.

[edit] Green Star 3

PuPlG GS3.png

Choosing the Puzzling Picture Block mission again, the player will have to make their way back to the Grinder Planet again. However, the player will need to head to the right before the Mandibugs and Slurples. From here, they will wait until the platform they are on, is cut by the Grinder. The Green Star will be in reach as the platform slowly descends.

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