Propeller Block

Propeller Block in Super Mario 3D Land.

The Propeller Block is a block that first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and will appear in Super Mario 3D Land. It has the same function as the Propeller Mushroom; as it allows the user to float in the air for a period of time. To use it, the player will need to pick it up and shake the Wii Remote and will need to shake the remote anytime to fly. It can be found only once in each world (except World 1) and is used for stages where fog is present and things are floating or beyond reach of the player.

In Super Mario 3D Land, the color of the block would be changed to orange and Mario wears the block over his body. He can use it while retaining his power-up state. The block is only lost when the player completes the level and will be rewarded with an extra life.

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