Power Shots (MTPT)

There are 16 offensive and 16 defensive power shots that can be learnt in this game to come to a total of 32. Power Shots are special shots in the game that allow you to retrieve the ball, or score easier. At the beginning when the academy's students talk about the wacky shots the masked players(Mario and the gang) pull off, they are talking about Power Shots. They can be unlocked in PS hall.

[edit] Defensive Power Shots

Running Save== L1 Speed

 A save that can save the ball from a short distance away.

Superswift Save== L3 Speed

 An enhanced Running Save that can reach distant balls.

Lunging Save== L1 Jump

 A save that allows you to jump into the air to return high balls.

High-Jump Save== L3 Jump

 A powerful Lunging Save that can reach balls higher up.

Quick Save== L1 Response

 A save which increases response after returning the ball.

Quick-Step Save== L3 Response

 A powerful Quick Save that increases response even more.

Hand-Power Save== L1 ESP

 A save that brings in balls from far away using hand power.

Psychic Save== L4 ESP

 A powerful Hand-Power Save that reaches even farther.

Typhoon Save== L4 Jump + L2 Spin

 A spinning save that creates a tornado to return the ball with.

Bubble Save== L4 Spin + L4 Speed

 Blow bubbles to bring the ball in close enough to save.

Illusory Save== L5 Speed + L4 Response

 Save the ball with an illusion that spreads out to either side.

Spider Save== L5 Response + L4 Balance

 Use a spiderweb to bring the ball in.

Falcon-Dive Save== L6 Response + L5 ESP

 Move at high speed, and save the ball with your afterimage.

Shark-Bite Save== L8 Speed + L8 Response + L7 Body

 Turn into a shark and bite down on the ball.

Shooting-Star Save== L10 + Response + L10 Jump + L9 ESP

 Ride a shooting star down from the sky to lob the ball back.

Rainbow Save== L10 Speed + L10 ESP + L10 Spin + L10 Balance

 Suck the ball in with a beam of light and return it with a drop.

[edit] Offensive Power Shots

Power Shot== L1 Muscle

 A powerful shot that sends opponents flying

High-Power Shot== L3 Muscle

  An intense Power Shot with a little added oomph.

Curve Shot== L1 Spin

  A curving shot that sends opponents reeling. 

Slider Shot== L3 Spin

  A powerful Curve Shot with an even tighter curve. 

Control Shot== L1 Balance

  A commanding shot that sends the ball right into the corner.

Flashflop Shot== L3 Balance

  A dropshot that uses a bright light to blind opponents.

Tackle Shot== L1 Body

  An aggressive shot that tackles the ball and sends foes flying.

Stunner Shot== L3 Body

  A shot that stuns foes with a ball masked as a giant fist.

Flying Shot== L4 Muscle + L2 Jump

  A powerful shot that blows away foes with a flame-cloaked ball.

Gyro Shot== L5 Spin + L3 Balance

  A speedy lob shot that spins fiercely, like a top.

Dragon Shot== L5 Muscle + L2 Body

  A powerful shot that pounds foes with a dragon-flame fueled ball.

Sonic Shot== L5 Muscle + L3 Balance

  A shot that stuns opponents with a dazzling melody.

Blizzard Shot== L6 Speed + L6 Response + L7 Spin

  A shot that freezes opponents in a bitter-cold flurry.

Summoner Shot== L7 Muscle + L7 Response + L5 Balance

  A shot that confuses opponents with a magic circle.

Specter Shot== L8 + Spin + L6 Balance + L6 ESP

  A spooky shot that will leave foes paralyzed with fear.

Volcano Shot== L10 Jump + L10 Muscle + L10 Balance + L10 Body

  The ultimate lob shot. Ride a pillar of fire!

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