Power Shot

Power Shot
MarioPowerUp MSB.jpg
Mario performing a Power Shot.
Debut Appearance Mario Golf
Latest Appearance Mario Superstar Baseball

The Power Shot is a type of shot that would appear in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Superstar Baseball. They could be used for offensive shots or even defensive shots to aid the player who uses them.

Mario Power Tennis would have two different types of Power Shots; Offensive Power Shots and Defensive Power Shots and each player in the game would have their own power shots. The offensive power shots would be used for when the ball is close to the player and will confuse their opponents. The Defensive Power Shot would be used for when a player is out of reach of the ball and help them return the shot that can't be usually saved. They are handy for negating the Offensive Power Shots in the game.

They would also appear in Mario Superstar Baseball for when a player is pitching or batting. When used for pitching, the player will throw a ball that can do various things and have the opponent have a harder time hitting it. If they use it offensively when the player's hitting, the player will hit it in a way that is hard for the computer to catch.

The Power Shot would also make an appearance in Mario Golf as a stronger version of a specific club. The player will only have six power shots available on each hole but if they make a perfect power shot, then the meter won't decrease. If it isn't full power, then it will decrease.

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