Power-up Items (SMarioStrikers)

Here are the items you can use. You need to be playing a game where Items are allowed though in order to get them.

[edit] Items

Green Shell- Throw a Green Shell and knock down your opponents.

Red Shell- Throw a Red Shell that will chase after the nearest opponent and knock them down.

Blue Shell- Throw a Blue Shell to freeze your opponent.

Spiny Shell- Throw out Spiny Shells that bouce around the field, knocking down anything in their path.

Banana- Drop a well-placed banana peel and watch your opponents slip.

Bob-omb- Launch a Bob-omb and watch your opponents fly across the screen from the blast.

Chain Chomp- Set a Chain Chomp loose on the field and disable your opponent's entire team.

Mushroom- Provides a limited burst of super speed.

Star- Become invincible for a short time. Any opponent who touches you will be knocked aside!

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