Power-Ups (NSMB)

Here are all the power-ups and items in New Super Mario Bros.


[edit] Mushroom

This red mushroom turns little Mario into Super Mario.

[edit] Coins

Collect a 100 coins to earn a extra life.

[edit] Star

Makes Mario invincible for a certain amount of time.

[edit] Fire Flower

Ability: Shoot Fireballs
Description: Turns Mario into Fire Mario.

Mega Mushroom

[edit] Mega Mushroom

The Mega Mushroom allows Mario to grow to enormous proportions for a limited amount of time. While Mario is gigantic, he could destroy everything, including bricks, enemies, and pipes.

[edit] Blue Koopa Shell

When Mario picks up the blue Koopa shell, he'll transform into Shell Mario. Shell Mario can smash through enemies and blocks like a Koopa shell, and also swim more quickly underwater.


[edit] 1-Up

This green-looking mushroom gives Mario an extra life.

[edit] Star Coin

There are three of these star coins hidden in every level, so start looking! You can use these secret coins to buy new paths throughout the game, which will unlock secret levels. Collect every single star coin in the game for a special bonus.

[edit] Red Ring N Coins

Jump through the 8 red rings to receive a item.

[edit] Switch

P block turn bricks to coins and vice versa.
! turns outlined bricks solid.
? have different effects.

Mini Mushroom

[edit] Mini Mushroom

Snag a Mini Mushroom to shrink Mario down to micro size. In this teeny form, Mario can go into small pipes and travel down tiny paths. Plus, he's so light that he can perform floating jumps and run on water.

[edit] Spin Blocks

To do a spin jump stand on these. Hold down to do a drill jump.

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