Species Pixls
Role Sidekicks
Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Paper Mario
Latest Appearance N/A

Pixls are the technological sprites that become Mario's sidekick partners throughout Super Paper Mario. They float above Mario's head and allow him to perform some of his more basic/familiar actions and some completely new abilities. Everyone in Mario's party (Peach, Bowser, Luigi) can use Pixls.


[edit] Required Pixls

These are the main Pixls of the game, simply meaning the player cannot continue without obtaining them.

[edit] Tippi

Tippi is Mario's first Pixl. She is met at the beginning of the game and is automatically recieved. Although she plays a larger role in the plotline, Tippi's main function is revealing hidden objects only visible in her color wheel when the Wii Remote is aimed at the screen. Tippi can not be interchanged but instead is always directly behind Mario followed by whatever Pixl is selected.

[edit] Thoreau

Thoreau is the second Pixl. He is found in section 1-2. He gives Mario the ability to pick objects or enemies up over his head and throw them. Mario can also jump while holding items. Thoreau can also be used to activate switches in hard to reach places by throwing objects.

[edit] Boomer

Boomer is the third Pixl. He is found in section 2-1. He gives Mario the ability to blow things up in a timed fashion, giving Mario the chance to place Boomer next to an enemy or crack and walk away to avoid harm. He works much like the standard bob-omb partners players have seen in the past like Bombette (Paper Mario) and Admiral Bobbery (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door).

[edit] Slim

Slim is the fourth Pixl. He is found in section 2-3, the same world as Boomer. He impressively gives Mario the ability to squeeze himself so paper thin, he can slip through small crevices and if standing still, he is considered invisible by lasers, moving obstacles, and enemies alike.

[edit] Thudley

Thudley is the fifth Pixl. He is found in section 3-2. Oddly obsessed with the word 'girth', he feels he needs to be paired with a macho type of person. Thudley gives Mario the ability to ground pound, an ability that has long been associated with his shoes in previous Paper Mario games or a basic move in other games that is already bestowed upon the player after pressing 'START'. This makes Thudley an essential Pixl because now Mario can open floor panels, activate larger switches, and even stomp enemies.

[edit] Carrie

Carrie is the sixth Pixl. The first girl in awhile, Carrie is found in section 3-4, the same world as Thudley. She gives Mario the ability to travel over spikes or other harmful grounds. She transforms into a platform that moves under Mario's feet freely even when he jumps.

[edit] Fleep

Fleep is the seventh Pixl. He is found in section 4-2. Fleep gives Mario the ability to flip certain parts of the screen around, dropping items, keys, switches, etc. Fleep must be dragged across the screen with the Wii Remote and can be used if he is hovering over a glowing tear.

[edit] Cudge

Cudge is the eigth Pixl. This obnoxious guy is found in 5-2. Cudge gives Mario the ability to smash things. Considering he is a hammer, Mario can pick up Cudge and use him to hit switches and enemies. The hammer is a classic tool of Mario's. Much like Thudley, Cudge gives the player one of Mario's classic abilities back.

[edit] Dottie

Dottie is the ninth Pixl. She is found in section 5-4, the same world as Cudge. She gives Mario the ability to shrink down to a tiny size to fit into new doors, pipes, and sometimes even stores.

[edit] Optional Pixls

These Pixls can be obtained but are not necessary to finish the main plot. They are more or less for fun or convenience.

[edit] Barry

Barry can be found in 3-1, the same world as Thudley and Carrie. Once the world is completed, Mario can re-enter the door and obtain Barry by talking to him. Barry gives Mario a temporary shield from enemy attacks that quickly fades, but comes in handy from fired attacks.

[edit] Piccolo

Piccolo is found in Flopside on the first floor where the locked door is. To get the key, Mario must first talk to Merlee after placing the sixth Pure Heart. Follow the series of sidequests to obtain the key. Piccolo gives Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi respective theme songs.

[edit] Dashell

Arguably the hardest Pixl to obtain, Mario can only recieve Dashell after completing the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. Dashell allows Mario to run very fast.

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