Pirate Land

Pirate Land

The logo used for the Pirate Land board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Standard
 ? Space Effect Cannons are fired at all players standing on the corresonding bridge, blasting them back to the Start Space.
Availability Available from the start.

Pirate Land is one of the boards from Mario Party 2. The board is an archipelago where players look for the hidden treasure in pirate garb. Much like Yoshi's Tropical Island from Mario Party, there are two Thwomps that block certain shorter paths on the map. The fee to pass through the Thwomp's path will increase gradually as people pass through. The fee starts at just a single coin, but each time a player wants to pass through, they have to pay at least one more coin than the previous person did, similar to what happens on Yoshi's Tropical Island with the Thwomps there. There are a few docks on the map as it is an archipelago. If a player lands on the Blue Spaces next to these docks, a shark by the name of Sushi will give the player a lift to a different dock space. The player still gets the three coins they normally would for landing on a Blue Space. Landing on the ? Spaces here is not advised for the most part. When you land on a ? Space, the nearest pirate ship will fire off cannonballs at all players who are standing on the same bridge that the ? Space was landed on. The cannonballs blast players and send them back to the Start Space. The bridges are gray while the spaces on either side of them will be set on different colored surfaces so you always know whether or not you're on a bridge or not. The Item Mini-Game on this map is Roll Out The Barrels while the Duel Mini-Game is Sabre Swipers.

Just before Toad announces who the Super Star is, a red Koopa Troopa will scamper in saying that the treasure has been found. A cut scene ensues where a green Koopa Troopa is standing next to the treasure as the board's villain, Cap'n Bowser appears to take the treasure for himself. The game's Super Star will then confront Cap'n Bowser and engage in a sword fight. The Super Star eventually hits Bowser in the stomach, forcing him to retreat and thus, the Super Star gains the treasure and is congratulated by Toad and the other players.

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