Pinna Park

Pinna Park is the fourth level in Super Mario Sunshine, not counting Delfino Airstrip or Delfino Plaza. Pinna Park has two main sections, a beach and an amusement park. On the beach, there is a cannon and there are several sunflowers. In episode six, a Yoshi Egg is located under a tree. Although there is no fruit on the beach, by spraying the sand on the beach, fruit will pop up. Once you enter the park, you can't go back to the beach. In the park there is a Ferris Wheel, a Yoshi-go-Round, a few swinging Pirate Ships, and a Roller Coaster. There is also a Yoshi Egg by a tree inside the park. As with a levels in Super Mario Sunshine, there are 30 blue coins, eight episodes, and eleven Shine Sprites.

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Bosses

As in every level, Mario must fight Shadow Mario in episode seven. Additionally, Mario must fight Mecha Bowser in episode one, who is being controlled by Shadow Mario.

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