Peach Parasol

Peach Parasol

Peach with the Peach Parasol in Mario Kart 7.

Game Glider is in Mario Kart 7
Boosts Acceleration
Hinders Weight
How to Unlock Unlocked after gaining a certain amount of coins.

The Peach Parasol is a glider in Mario Kart 7 that can be unlocked after gaining an amount of coins determined at random. The glider slightly boosts Acceleration while slightly hindering Weight. Much like the Birthday Girl, the Peach Parasol will change colors if a female character is using it. The color will change to match the colors of the female character. Male characters will have the Peach Parasol match Peach's colors.

[edit] Color Scheme

Female characters have a unique color scheme with the Peach Parasol:

  • Peach = bright pink
  • Daisy = bright orange with a hint of yellow
  • Rosalina = bright blue; almost turquoise
  • Honey Queen = dark purple

[edit] Stats

These take a character's base in each of the following stats and adds to or subtracts from them depending on the glider that is used.

Speed= 0
Acceleration= +0.25
Weight= -0.25
Handling= 0
Off-Road= 0

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