Peach Garden

Peach Garden

Peach Garden as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Field Effects Music Blocks are seen floating in the field which can help both fielders and batters. There's also hedges in the field, but only make the ball harder to see. Movements aren't hindered by hedges.
Special Minigame played here Wall Ball


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Peach Garden, not to be confused with the track from Mario Kart DS, Peach Gardens, is a stadium from Mario Superstar Baseball. As its name implies, this is the home stadium for Peach in the game. This is a pitcher's friendly ballpark as the outfield walls are the furthest away of any stadium in either baseball game. There is also a fountain in center field, but it has no real effect on any baseball hit toward it or fielders trying to run into it. This stadium does not return in Mario Super Sluggers, being replaced by Peach Ice Garden in the sequel to Superstar Baseball. The minigame played at this ballpark is Wall Ball. Also, when you challenge Peach's team in Challenge Mode, the game will be played at this ballpark.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

[edit] Appearance

As mentioned briefly above, this is a pitcher's ballpark with the left and right field walls being further back than the center field wall, a trait shared only by Wario City. Even though the center field wall is closer to the batter, it is towering in height. With the distance from the batter to the right field and left field walls combined with the height of the center field wall, home-runs in this stadium are few and far between.

[edit] Field Effects

This stadium features two main field effects. The main effect are the Music Blocks that float around in the field. When they are hit, the baseball's trajectory is altered. This can aid the batter or aid the fielder depending on how the baseball hits the Music Block. If the batter is able to get the baseball to hit the top of the Music Block, the baseball will be able to get added hang time, sometimes allowing a home-run. However, if the baseball goes head-on into the Music Block, then it will just go back in the direction it came from, possibly helping a fielder catch the ball to make an out. There are also invisible blocks that contain Team Stars which can be used later for Special Pitches or Swings. Finally, there are hedges littering the outer edge of the infield. While a character's movements will not be hindered by the hedges, it is sometimes harder to find a baseball that is weakly hit into them.

[edit] Trivia

The background music played during game play sounds like some remixed music from Super Mario Bros.

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