Parakarry as he appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Species Paratroopa
Role Sidekick, playable character
Relations Koopa, Paratroopa
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario (as a Catch Card)


[edit] Background

Parakarry is Mario's fourth sidekick in Paper Mario. He is a Paratroopa and is the Mushroom Kingdom's primary mail carrier. In the beginning of the game, he delivers Peach's party invitation to the Mario Bros. Parakarry works at the Post Office in Toad Town. Parakarry is quite clumsy and sometimes loses the letters he is supposed to deliver. In-game it is noted that he is slow at delivering mail. There is also a few pieces of undelivered mail scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom.

[edit] Parakarry's Uses

  • He can carry Mario for a short period of time over gaps Mario cannot jump over.

An example of this:


  • Mario can also deliver the letters you find by talking to the recipient with Parakarry out on the field.

[edit] Attacks

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Sky Dive None Parakarry kicks one enemy while airborne. Press A right before landing. Initial
Shell Shot 3 Parakarry retreats into his shell and shoots himself at an enemy. Hold the Control Stick to the left to aim at the target, then release the Control Stick and Parakarry will rocket himself into the target, doing a good amount of damage. Initial
Air Lift 3 Parakarry lifts enemies out of battlefield. Press A repeatedly. Super Rank
Air Raid 6 Parakarry will fly around like crazy, inflicting damage to all the enemies. Repeatedly tilt the Control Stick to the left to fill the gauge. Ultra Rank

[edit] Other Information

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