Paper-Cone Goomba

Paper-Cone Goomba
Species Goomba
Appearances Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Max HP 7
Attack 3
Locations Warm Fuzzy Plains, Bouquet Gardens, Water's Edge Way
Attack Lunge(3)

The Paper-Cone Goomba is a new specie of Goomba that makes its first appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. On the overworld, they look like regular Goombas, but in battle they take their true form. These Goombas can fold themselves into conical shaped and give them a sharp corner like a spike. If jumped on, the Paper-Cone Goomba will do damage to Mario. Instead Mario will need to use other means of attack to do damage to them. Goombas will lunge at Mario like a paper airplane.

In Warm Fuzzy Plains, a trio of Paper-Cone Goombas will try to stop Mario from getting the first Comet Piece.

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