POW Block

POW Block
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Debut Appearance Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2

POW Block are blocks that can be thrown against the ground and cause a large tremor on the ground, causing enemies on screen to get hurt. It is a common item in the Mario series and can be carried in most games. They are usually metallic blue but occasionally red.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Mario Bros.

The POW Block plays a big role in the arcade version and its ports. It will usually be found near the bottom or the top of the level and when it is hit, it will do damage to all enemies on screen if they are on the ground. In some of the ports, it can also be picked up but it will disappear after it is thrown regardless on how many times it was hit before.

[edit] Super Mario Bros. 2

It would return in Super Mario Bros. 2 with the same functions though it could only be used once. A giant version of it would also appear in Super Mario Advance and bounce along the floor, causing multiple tremors before disappears.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Pow Block NSMbWii.png

It would retain its abilities from Super Mario Bros. 2 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It will eliminate all enemies on the screen when it is used, as well as drop coins from the sky, even Star Coins.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii Trading Cards

Description: Here's a blast from the past! Hit a POW Block and all coins will fall to the ground for easy pick up. Use this time wisely to collect all the coins you can. Remember that extra coins mean extra lives, so POW Blocks are money in the bank! They can also be really handy in shaking out hidden Star Coins.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

POW Blocks appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They will be red instead of blue for this game and be used for the same effect like in previous titles. Players will not be able to pick up these POW Blocks and they won't float in the air so they have to be activated by being hit. This can cause a chain reaction if another is close by it and will get coins out of Brick Blocks and Question Blocks.

[edit] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

When Yoshi hits a POW Block, the enemies will turn into stars. It will only appear in The Cave of the Lakitus level. After it is hit a certain amount of times, it will then disappear.

[edit] Paper Mario Series


The POW Block would deal two damage to all enemies on the screen. In Super Paper Mario, the player will need to shake the Wii Remote to do more damage. It will break through any defense and flip any enemies with shells on their back. POW Block would affect flying enemies as well in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

[edit] Mario Power Tennis

They would only make a small appearance on Mario Classic Court. They would move from side to side across the net and when hit by the ball, all the enemies on the players will be temporarily stunned. This will allow the player to defeat them by running into them. They cannot hit Fighter Flies when they are airborne, but defeat Sidesteppers and Freezies instantly. After being hit a certain amount of times, they will disappear and reappear later on during the match.

[edit] Mario Kart Series

[edit] Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

The POW Block wouldn't make a physical appearance in the game. "POW" would appear in the license plate for many cars on Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City.

[edit] Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

It would be one of Waluigi's special items and when he uses it, he will stun a random racer for seven seconds.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

The POW Block would be a new item in Mario Kart Wii. When it is used, it will make the players in front of the user, spin out in a similar way of a Banana Peel. They would lose their items as well. If a player is in the air when the third strike hits, they will avoid spinning out if they are in the air. Players can also avoid it by starting a wheelie or by shaking their control when the third strike hits. Though they will lose their items but keep their momentum. If the player has a Star, Mega Mushroom, or Bullet Bill in effect, they won't be affected at all.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. series

[edit] Super Smash Bros.

They would make an appearance on the hidden stage of w.smashbros:Mushroom Kingdom in w.smashbros:Super Smash Bros.. When it is hit, the players on the ground will take damage and be sent into the sky. It will appear at a random part of the level after it has been used.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

It would return in w.smashbros:Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the w.smashbros:Mario Bros. stage. It will paralyze all enemies on screen when it is hit and allow the players to thrown the stunned enemies at other players.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

They would appear as POW-Balls in this game as an item. They would have to be unlocked by a certain treasure chest on the Mario Stadium. After being unlocked, it can be used to stun field players for a total of four seconds. When it is hit by an outfielder, it will knock the outfielder out and it will disappear.

[edit] Art Style: PiCTOBiTS


It would be used to erase all bits in the bottom part of the level, and when it is used, it will consume one restore space.

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