Objects (MarioPL)

Object Name: Star
Description: This will appear once you complete certain objectives, if you get enough of these you can open star doors. Also you can unlock more game areas

Object Name: Star Door
Description: This is the door at the top, it has a number on. The number means you need that many stars to get in, to get in you hit the door.

Object Name: Star Key
Description: When you beat a boss one of these will appear, collect it for 500,000 points. You can use star keys to open star locks.

Object Name: 1-up Mushroom
Description: These will give you a extra life. You can buy one for 100 yellow coins or 25 blue coins or you can get one from a question mark.

Object Name: Question Mark
Description: When you complete a star challenge if you have the star a question mark will appear instead. You can also buy these from toad sometimes for 50 yellow coins. When you collect the question mark you can play a slots machine you press A when you want it to stop.

Things you can get:
> Yellow Coin. Gives you +2, +5, +10, or double your Yellow Coins
> Blue Coin. Gives you +2, +5, +10, or double your Blue Coins
> 1-up Mushroom. Gives you a 1-up Mushroom
> Pipe x2. Gives you a Pipe x2 item.
> Yoshi Egg x2. Gives you a Yoshi Egg x2 item.
> Lightning Bolt. Gives you a Lightning Bolt item.
> Thumbs Up. Gives you 100,000 points.
> Thumbs Down. Gives you 100 points.
If you get an item in this way, it will override any item you already have.

Object Name: Yellow Coin
Description: If you destroy a enemy and it's the first thing your destroyed you will get a coin. You can also get one by hitting the bell in Funfair.

Object Name: Blue Coin
Description: You get these the same as you get the yellow coin except these are rarer.

Object Name: ? Block
Description: These appear in many areas especially in areas where you have defeated a boss, you get a item out of these. If you already have a item you get a yellow coin.

Object Name: Yoshi Egg Sign
Description: These are in the middle of the board use a Yoshi egg and a podium will pop up. Hit the podium with a Yoshi egg and it will replace with a pillar hit the pillar to get 5, 8 and then 12 coins then hit it with the Yoshi egg to put the golden Yoshi egg on the board. If you lose Mario or the Yoshi egg this will abort this sequence.

Object Name: Golden Yoshi Egg
Description: For this to appear play the Yoshi egg sign bonus game. Get it for a certain number of points and a coin for each 10,000 points in this award.

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