Noki Bay

Noki Bay is the sixth level in Super Mario Sunshine, not counting Delfino Airstrip or Delfino Plaza. Noki Bay is all located around an inlet of water, which means there are lots of cliffs to climb. Also in Noki bay is a boat rental, and a large waterfall that Mario must uncork in the first episode. Up until episode five, Noki Bay is polluted and unable to be swam in. To get across the water, Mario must go from platform to platform. All throughout Noki bay are pillars with shells on top, some of which are able to be entered. As with all other levels in Super Mario Sunshine, Noki Bay has 30 blue coins, 8 episodes, and 11 shine sprites.

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Bosses

As in Ricco Harbor, Mario must fight Gooper Blooper, this time in the second episode. In the fourth episode, Mario must fight Eely-Mouth to clean up the inlet and make the water swimable. In episode five, Mario has to race Il Piantissimo. As in every level, Mario must fight Shadow Mario in the seventh episode.

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