Neon Heights

Neon Heights

Overview of the Neon Heights board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Moving
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Neon Heights is one of the six boards in Mario Party 7. It is a New York-themed board set atop a skyscraper complex that features some attractions found in real life New York such as a theatre district, baseball diamond, movie set, and even a space center. There's actually a Mario statue that seems to represent the Statue of Liberty. On this board, Shy Guys are in charge of the attractions while Top Hat Shy Guys are left in charge of the Orb Shops. The only means of getting Stars on this board is through picking treasure chests. There will be 3 treasure chests spread out across the board. 1 contains 20 coins, another contains a Star, and the last contains a Bob-omb that will send you back to the start space. Once the star has been purchased, 3 new treasure chests will appear and the process will repeat itself.

There are quite a few ways to earn coins on this board. The first is a movie set that all players come to eventually. When the player passes by, a Shy Guy posing as a director will come up and ask the player to take part in a recruiting process of sorts. You will be required to hit as many Koopa Kid targets that pass by as possible. However, if you hit a Toadsworth target by accident, the Shy Guy will stop you and send you on your way without anything. If you manage to get through without hitting a Toadsworth target, you will get rewarded with some coins for each Koopa Kid target you managed to hit. At the baseball diamond, another Shy Guy, this one posing as a baseball team manager, will ask to see how well you swing the bat. Saying yes will trigger a game very similar to that of Dinger Derby from Mario Party 5. Simply hit as many of the baseballs as you possibly can. You get 2 coins for each baseball you can manage to hit out of the park.

As for Green Spaces, there are quite a few to be had on this board. The Green Space in the space center area near the rocket ship will prompt a Shy Guy to ask you if you want to "shoot for the stars". If you say yes, you will need to pump fuel into the rocket ship until time is called. If you pumped enough fuel into the ship, you will be able to get a Star. There are coins leading up to the star that you're able to keep regardless of whether or not you reach the Star. Next is one that is near the middle of the board. Here, you can play a matching game and try to match as many objects in a row as you can. Once you miss a match, the game will end and you'll be rewarded with coins. Flipping over a Bowser panel will make the Shy Guy reluctantly take 10 coins from you as a punishment of sorts for flipping the only "bad" panel. The Green Space near the Mario Statue will make a UFO scramble the location of all the chests.

During Bowser Time, Bowser may:

  • Take a photograph at the expense of 10-20 coins per player. He leaves before giving you the photo.
  • Steal coins from all players and put them in one of the chests for players to hunt down.
  • Steal a Star from the player currently leading and place it in one of the chests for the players to try and find.
  • Place a Dark Star in one of the chests. Whoever was unlucky enough to find this would lose a star(20 coins if the player had no Stars at the time)

In Solo Mode, you would have to get 3 of the 5 Stars that were located in 5 of the 8 chests scattered across the board in order to clear this board. Koopa Kid would charge more for the chests as more were purchased.

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