N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

DK's Jungle Parkway is a race course in the Special Cup of Mario Kart 64. It is Donkey Kong's home track in the game. When racers go offcourse, "restless natives", as the instruction booklet calls them, throw stones at them. Who these "natives" are is unknown. A cruise boat named Mario floats around the river in the jungle.

The race starts off along the shoreline of the river which leads to a massive jump across the river. Players then follow the winding dirt path to a narrow wooden bridge at the edge of a waterfall. The bridge leads to a small cave, which ends at the start of the track.

The course was remade in Mario Kart Wii, with some differences. Characters are now riding the cruise boat, and the jungle has been pushed back eliminating the "natives".

The N64 version has a glitch where it is possible to jump through the corner in the cave, resulting in as little as a 20 second race if done three times. This was not fixed in the virtual console release.[{Category:Mario Kart 64]]

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