N64 Bowser's Castle

N64 Bowser's Castle was the last track in Mario Kart 64's Star Cup. It was the first Three Dimensional Version of a Bowser's Castle Track, and gave us a unique view and what we could imagine being inside Bowser's Castle. You start with the outside, going over a bridge and into a courtyard with a Bowser Statue breathing Flames. Next is a series of Hallways, full of Thwomps preparing to flatten you. Once you go across a bridge of lava descend a stair case, you race through another courtyard, and climb a spiral ramp to the roof of the castle, full of lava pits.

[edit] Resurrection in Mario Kart Wii

In Mario Kart Wii, N64 Bowser's Castle was brought back to be the final course of the Lightning Cup. It's polygons from the N64 had been polished to give it a more realistic feel. Also, a few new traps have been added, most notably the Fire Blasting Up in then Final Two Laps at the jump onto the roof.

[edit] Shortcuts

-You can go between all the bushes on the first turn with a mushroom, star, or mega mushroom.

-In Mario Kart Wii you can go to the inside of the last tower by going on the railing.

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