Moo Moo Farm

Moo Moo Farm
Moo moo farm.jpg

The beginning of Moo Moo Farm.

Cup Mushroom Cup
Distance 527m

Moo Moo Farm is the second track on the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 64. It is a dirt path that goes through some fields and is takes place on a farmland with cows. It is very wide and bumpy and a group of Monty Moles will pop up from the ground and try to knock karts over.

It would later be remade as a retro track in Mario Kart DS. It can played in the Shell Cup. As well Missions 1-7 and 3-6 will take place on this course. It can be played online.

[edit] Staff Ghost

1:17.751 using Donkey Kong in Wildlife in Mario Kart DS.

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