Monty Mole

Monty Mole
Artwork of a Monty Mole from Super Mario World.
First Appeared In Super Mario World
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 7
Allies Koopa Troop
Sub-Species Mawful Mole
Mega Mole
Undergrunt Gunner
Related Species Drill Mole
Mole Folk
Rocky Wrench

Monty Moles are mole enemies that have been seen throughout several Mario games. In most Mario games, Monty Moles usually throw rocks at Mario while burrowing underground before Mario has a chance to attack them. In Super Mario Sunshine, they would be used as mini-bosses. They would use a cannon and attack Mario by using Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs.

Monty Moles also have an unknown connection towards the Rocky Wrench enemy and the Mole folk from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is possible that the Mole folk are Monty Moles with a new personality courtesy of Square Enix.


[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Super Mario World

Super Mario World would feature Monty Moles that would pop out from random spots in the ground to surprise Mario or Luigi. A giant version of the Monty Mole, called Mega Moles would also be featured in the game. Mario/Luigi could ride on them to get across obstacles. They could only be defeated by being eaten by Yoshi.

[edit] Super Mario World TV Series

Though they are referred as Gophers in the TV show, Monty Moles appear in the episode "Gopher Bash".

In this episode, Monty Moles serve as minions for Cheatsy Koopa, aiding him in his plot to steal all of the crops that are being grown by the cave-people of Dome City. They would eventually be defeated by Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, who tracked down Cheatsy, and tied up the moles by sneaking up from behind. They would suspend the moles from the ceiling before being dropped on top of Cheatsy Koopa. They would also appear during the song Cheatsy's Life, a self-praising song.

[edit] Super Mario Adventures comic

In the Super Mario Adventures comic, Monty Moles are sent by Bowser to attack Princess Toadstool's Castle. They would end up being defeated by Mario and Luigi.

During another part of the comic, a Monty Mole is seen wearing a blue tuxedo during Bowser's wedding to a brainwashed Princess.

[edit] Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

A Monty Mole in Super Mario 64.

Monty Moles would appear throughout the toxic maze found in the Hazy Maze Cave level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. Similar to their appearance in Super Mario World, they will throw rocks at Mario before disappearing underground. They are also found on a section of Tall Tall Mountain.

[edit] Super Mario Sunshine

Only two Monty Mole enemies appear in Super Mario Sunshine. One in Pinna Park where it can be found in the Cannon on the far right of the course, harassing the Great Sunflower. Once Mario defeats it, he is able to jump into the cannon and use it to gain access to a secret course. In Noki Bay, the Monty Mole is first blamed for the bay's pollution, as its cannon is on a stopper that is obstructing the waterfall. Mario will have to climb to the top of the waterfall and defeat the Monty Mole, he will be rewarded with a Shine Sprite.

The attack patterns for both Moles is the same as one another. If Mario is too far, they will attack by using Bullet Bills and Missile Bills. If Mario is close, then they will throw Bob-ombs from inside the cannon. Mario will need to attack them by setting one of these Bob-ombs on fire with F.L.U.D.D. and then throw it at the Monty Mole when it sticks its head out. Hitting them with three Bob-ombs will defeat them.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

Monty Moles don't appear in Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. A similar enemy called Undergrunts can be found.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.


Monty Moles would appear in the mini-game titled Whack-a-Monty in New Super Mario Bros. For this mini-game, the player has to tap as many Monty Moles as they can in a certain period of time. Each time the player whacks a Monty Mole, they will get a point. If they hit Luigi, then they lose three points.

For the Castle in World 6, the Monty Tank is the boss. It will fire Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs. It can be defeated by being Mario or Luigi jumping on its head when it comes out to throw a Bob-omb or fireballs can beat him. The tank will grow bigger each time he is hit. He is defeated after being jumped on three times.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Monty Moles are first seen in World 6 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They would keep their same attack patterns from Super Mario World. Once Mario and crew gets close to their hiding spot, it will jump out of the wall and try to attack them.

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

Monty Moles would appear in World 5-4 in Super Mario 3D Land. It would appear alongside Mega Moles but only in this level. They will run around the area trying to attack Mario if he stands in his way. They can be defeated by any attack.

[edit] Mario Kart Series

Monty Moles have made several appearances throughout the Mario Kart Series. They would make their debut appearance in Super Mario Kart as obstacles for Donut Plains 2 and Donut Plains 3. InMario Kart 64, they would appear on the Moo Moo Farm course as obstacles. The instruction manual would refer to them as Chubby.

Mario Kart DS would see them appear on the retro stage Moo Moo Farms. They would also appear on Mission 3-6, as the player's task would be to hit five Monty Moles. In Mario Kart Wii, they would appear on Moo Moo Meadows and as audience members for other courses. They would be seen on the Mario Kart DS course Peach Gardens, which would also appear in Mario Kart Wii.

[edit] Paper Mario Series

Monty Mole
Monty mole pm.png
Max HP 3, 12
Attack 2, 3
Defense 0
Location Mt. Rugged, Flower Fields
Ability Rock Throw (2, 3)
Tattle This is a Monty Mole. Monty Moles are rock-throwing moles, big time mischief-makers. Ugh. They have kind of scary looking faces. They're pretty weak, though. Maybe they wear sunglasses because they have really sensitive eyes. Or maybe they're just hip.

Monty Mole would appear a couple times during Paper Mario They first would be seen on Mt. Rugged and would attack Mario by throwing a rock at him. If successful outside of battle, Monty Mole will make the First Strike and hurt Mario unless he blocks the attack. In one of the walls of the mountain, there is a Monty Mole-shaped hole that would send an endless stream of moles that can pop out. On the Flower Fields, there is a green variation of the Monty Mole. These Monty Moles would be stronger and use the same attack methods as the ones found on Mt. Rugged. When defeated, they will sometimes drop a Honey Syrup alongside coins.

[edit] Paper Mario 3DS

In the upcoming title, Paper Mario 3DS, there appears to be a King Monty Mole. Not much information is known beyond this time.

[edit] Mario & Luigi Series

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Monty Moles are friendly creatures. They are found in hidden locations throughout the game. Once Mario and Luigi reach a Monty Mole's chamber, they are given a prize of some sort, like clothing, items or badges. The Monty Moles found in this game are a golden color and wear red bow ties.

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Monty Moles can first be found in Gritzy Desert in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The Monty Mole found in Gritzy Desert will prevent the four Mario Bros. from progressing until they complete his challenge. Two more can later be spotted in the underground region of the Koopaseum running an Item Shop. Two more Monty Moles can be found in the Gritzy Caves as they run challenges that need to be completed.

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, a group of four Monty Moles called the Monty Bros. will make an appearance. They will use a giant drill machine to fulfill Bowser's orders and make a tunnel below Toad Town. They don't make any progress and will require Bowser to complete their mission.

They would later appear in Treasure Chamber in Bowser's Castle, as they would betray Bowser and claim Fawful bribed them to get rid of Bowser. They would attack Bowser by using a giant train called the Fawful Express. Bowser will need to go into his giant form in order to defeat the Monty Bros. Defeating the train will send chunks of debris at the Monty Moles to defeat them.

[edit] Yoshi Touch & Go

Monty Moles are uncommon enemies found in Yoshi Touch & Go. They attack Yoshi in a similar pattern from Super Mario World as they will leap out from the ground and charge at Yoshi. They can easily be defeated by being jumped on, or by having an egg thrown at them. Drawing a circle on them with the Nintendo DS's stylus also works.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

Monty Mole would appear in Mario Superstar Baseball as an unlockable character. He is a member of Mario's team. He has a ball dash ability that allows him to run fast while in possession of the ball. Monty Moles can also be seen in the crowd.

  • Challenge Mode Captain: Mario
  • Player Type: Speed
  • Special Skill: Ball Dash

[edit] Good Chemistry

[edit] Bad Chemistry

  • None

[edit] Stats

  • Batting: 3
  • Pitching: 3
  • Fielding: 5
  • Running: 7

[edit] Mario Party Series

[edit] Mario Party 7

In Mario Party 7, Monty Mole appears on the board Pyramid Park when a player lands on the Green Space located on the far right of the board, next to the three pots. He will offer to play a game of Whack-the-snake-and-not-the-mole. He would also appear in the mini-game, Sphere Factor, three or four Monty MOles will pop out of the ground near the end and will try to prevent the player from rolling the huge ball to the finish line. They would also appear in the mini-game Monty's Revenge, where Monty Moles are whacking the players with hammers.

[edit] Mario Party 8

Monty Mole would return in Mario Party 8 in the mini-game Crops 'n' Robbers, where the player will have to whack the Monty Moles that are found in the holes, so that the players can progress. The other player will have to collect the carrots to win the mini-game.

[edit] Mario Party Advance

In Mario Party Advance, Monty Mole appears as a character in Shroom City. It can be found in the Town Game Room A, as it is shown trying to win the mini-game, Scratch 'Em. Mario and his friends will have to play the gambling mini-game to help break the Monty Moles losing streak.

[edit] Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS would see Monty Moles as owners of the shops. When a player enters the Warp Pipe, they are able to buy items from the Monty Mole. Monty Mole would also appear in the mini-game, Mole Thrill. For this mini-game, the players will have to dig with their partner through the dirt, while staying ahead of the Monty Mole.

[edit] Mario Strikers Charged

Monty Moles would make an appearance in Mario Strikers Charged. They would appear as sidekicks and act as Power Players, meaning they are good at shooting and tackling, but bad at passing. Their Skillshot is the Dirt Drill, which sees them digging underground with the ball, and move towards the net and pop up near the goalie, shove him aside, and score a goal. If they do the move too close to Kritter the goalie, he will shove his hand in the ground and pull Monty Mole out and block the shot. If it is too far away, Kritter will simply catch the ball.

[edit] Stats

  • Type: Power
  • Skillshot: Dirt Drill
  • Deke: Burrows underground and then pops back up.
  • Movement: 3
  • Shooting: 10
  • Passing: 3
  • Defense: 10

[edit] Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Mario Golf: Advance Tour would see a Monty Mole at the Links Club Practice Center. The player will have to shoot three shots at it to earn a Super Drink.

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