Monty's Revenge

Monty's Revenge is a Battle Mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It consists of all four players hiding underground in a star shaped dirt area. There are holes in which the players can stick their heads out, they must be care ful because a few Monty Moles hanging around with sledge hammers ready to whack the players as they peer out. Players must try to peer out as often as they can without letting the Monty Moles whack their heads, when players do get whacked they will be stunned for a short time. The object of the game is for players to stick their heads out of the holes for as much time as possible. The player who spends the most time with his or her head stuck out gets first place.

[edit] Controls

Players use the control pad to select a hole to stick their head out of and the A button to stick their head out. Players have to release the A button to duck back inside the hole.

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