Mini Board Mad-Dash

Mini Board Mad-Dash

Mini Board Mad-Dash sign(in Japanese)

Game board is in Mario Party 4
Availability Playable in the Extra Room.

Mini Board Mad-Dash is a special board in Mario Party 4. It is hosted by Thwomp and it is only accessible in the Extra Room. On this board, there are no Mini-Games to be played and no Stars to be had. Also, players receive 100 coins at the start instead of the normal 10. The objective on this board is to utilize Mini Mushrooms to go through the small pipes and avert the plethora of Red Spaces and Bowser Spaces on the top level of the board. You can also try getting a high enough Dice Roll with a Mega Mushroom to pass by the danger without stopping. The player with the most coins at the end wins the match.

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