Mini-Games (SM64DS)

The game Super Mario 64 DS has many side-puzzles when you are tired of playing the main game. These puzzles are found in the "Mini-games" section of the game, accessable via the title menu. However not all of the minigames listed are accessable when you buy the game, for they must be unlocked in the storyline by catching Rabbits. Each rabbit holds a key to a new puzzle. Different colored rabbits appear for different characters.

One of the rabbits which only appear when Luigi is playing, is on the roof of the castle, only accessable by the cannon, which can only be unlocked by getting 150 stars.

These mini-games don't exist in the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


[edit] Yoshi's Mini-Games

[edit] Wanted

Find the character shown on the top screen among the many faces on the bottom screen. A timer is constantly ticking down. Each success adds to the timer. Each mistake costs you time. As the game progresses more faces are added to the bottom screen.

[edit] Loves me..?

No high scores to set here. All this game offers is the game of pulling petals off the flower, with each pull alternating "Loves Me" and "Loves Me Not".

[edit] Hide and Boo Seek

You are shown a screen with Boos floating round before the lights go out. The goal is to then rub the touchscreen to reveal the Boos before time runs out.

[edit] Puzzle Panel

The goal here is to make the panels on the bottom screen match the panels on the top screen. Each time a panel is touched it is flipped round, along with all nearby panels. The player is only allowed a set amount of flips to match them, and is allowed two mistakes before failing.

[edit] Boom Box

There are several treasure chests on screen, and opening them results in a sound being played. The goal is to pair up the sounds. Each turn the player is allowed only two mistakes before failing on the next mistake.

[edit] Tox Box Shuffle

Yoshi is hidden under one of the Tox Boxes. You are shown which one before he is hidden and the boxes moved about. When finished you have to pick the box Yoshi is in. Further in multiple Yoshis of different colours are used.

[edit] Which Wiggler

Here you have to identify which Wiggler on the bottom screen matches the Wiggler on the top screen. Players have to use the markings on the body to identify the correct one.

[edit] Mix-a-Mug

The goal here is to use the sliding bars to match up a face that matches the shown face. Stop each bar by tapping the screen.

[edit] Puzzle Panic

An advanced version of the panel game. Players are given a bigger set of panels to work with, increasing the difficulty.

[edit] Mario's Mini-Games

[edit] Mario's Slides

Mario's head is sliding down poles. There are four poles, and at the end of these poles waits either pirahna plants or a power star. Sideways connecting bars allow Mario's head to move to nearby poles. Players have to draw in lines to lead the head to the stars.

[edit] Bounce and Pounce

Three Mario's are high in the sky falling. Players must tap Mario to bounce him skyward. The goal is to land onto the Fly-Guys to take them out without letting any of the Marios to fall offscreen.

[edit] Sort or 'Splode

Black and Red Bob-Ombs enter the area. Players must drag black Bob-Ombs to the black carpet and red Bob-Ombs to the red carpet. If a bob-omb is left to wander for too long or is dragged to the wrong carpet then it blows up and the game ends.

[edit] Trampoline Time

Marios jump off one side of a construction site. Players must draw trampolines to bounce them to one of two exit doors on the other side without letting them fall. The exit doors alternate between open and closed. Players can only have three drawn trampolines in use at once.

[edit] Shuffle Shell

The goal here is to knock the shell so it lands as close as possible to the centre of the target. Players are given several shells, and must be careful of the icy nature of the stage.

[edit] Bounce and Trounce

A variation of the Bounce and Pounce. Three Marios again, but with many more Fly-Guys to bounce off, and more risk of hitting the underside of a Fly-Guy, which interrupts the bounce.

[edit] Connect the Characters

A variation of the Mario's Slides. This time players must match the four falling heads with the correct bodies. Players draw the lines then tap Go to see if they were correct. The problem is that all heads will follow any lines they come across.

[edit] Shell Smash

Players make use of green shells to smack into other shells to score points. Each turn consecutive hits adds more points, and green shells hitting each other adds even more points.

[edit] Trampoline Terror

Another variation game. This time you have to draw trampolines to bounce the Marios through the rainbow rings that appear. If a Mario passes through multiple rings between bounces then the player earns bonus points.

[edit] Wario's Mini-Games

[edit] Bob-Omb Squad

Bob-Ombs parachute in from the top screen. Players must use the slingshot on the bottom screen to knock them away before they destroy the flowers below. Hitting Lakitu destroys all enemies instantly. Consecutive hits with a single ball results in bonus points.

[edit] Snowball Slalom

The goal here is to rub the touchscreen to roll the Snowman's head down the slope to the finish in the allotted time. Hitting obstacles en route will slow you down though.

[edit] Bingo Ball

Launch a ball using the touchscreen launcher. Landing in a number slot will light up that number on the grid on the top screen. Earn points by lighting three in a row.

[edit] Coincentration

Wario smacks an enemy on the top screen, which causes coins to fall into the blocks on the touchscreen. When that is done players must touch blocks that have coins in them. Touching a coinless block ends the game.

[edit] Psyche Out

The back of a card is shown on the top screen. Players must guess what symbol is on it from the choices on the bottom screen. Sometimes it's possible to see the symbol through the back of the card.

[edit] Slots Shot

Fire balls into the table to try and score points. Points scoring comes from many things, like the mushroom targets. Send a ball down the pipe to start the slots. Three in a row earns bonus points.

[edit] Lakitu Launch

Two pairs of Lakitu are moving shell baskets around on the top screen. Players must use the slingshot on the bottom screen to launch balls skyward and land them in the shell baskets. Players have 20 seconds to get as many in as possible.

[edit] Intense Coincentration

This is a harder version of Coincentration. Same rules apply, but there are less coins falling now, meaning more coinless blocks to worry about.

[edit] Giant Snowball Slalom

A harder version of the Snowball Slalom. Same rules apply as before, only now players have a longer course to deal with, meaning more obstacles to get in the way.

[edit] Luigi's Mini-Games

[edit] Memory Match

The idea is to pick the matching pairs of cards. Players are allowed to fail a correct pairing twice in one turn. A third fail results in a loss of coins and a lost star. Players earn coins by successfully clearing turns.

[edit] Pair-a-Gone

A set of cards are dealt face up. Players touch identical cards that are adjoining (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) to make them disappear. Further cards are added to the end to replace those gone until no more cards remain to be dealt. The goal is to clear all cards from the table using this method.

[edit] Picture Poker

You and Luigi are dealt five cards each. Players bet coins then try to get a hand higher than Luigi's. Hand rank systems are shown onscreen, as well as rewards for a hand that beats Luigi's. Each turn the player can choose to return any of their cards to get new cards dealt in the hopes of a better hand.

[edit] Mushroom Roulette

Play a game of chance. Bet coins on where the ball will land. Guess correctly to earn coins.

[edit] Mario Slot

A slot machine is running. Tap each wheel to stop them. Get three of a kind to earn coins.

[edit] Lucky Stars

A simple game. Two cards are dealt face down. The player chooses one card, and Luigi gets the other. Players win if the star value of their card is higher than Luigi's card.

[edit] Pair-a-Gone And On

This is a variant of the previous Pair-a-Gone game. Once again players must make adjoining identical cards vanish by tapping them. The difference this time is that there is no card limit. Gameplay continues until there are no possible pairings left.

[edit] Memory Master

A harder version of Memory Match. Players still must pair up identical cards from the face down cards dealt. This time there are more cards to deal with, and less room for error as a result.

[edit] Super Mario Slot

Just a variation of the previous version. Players once again must line up three of a kind by tapping the screen to stop each spinning wheel.

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