Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)

Mario Tennis
Genre Tennis (N64)
Developer Camelot
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date Aug 29, 00 {North America]
Product Page [Nintendo]


[edit] Introduction

Camelot's Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color is a much different experience than its N64 effort. In addition to the core game play found in the N64 version, the GBC version features a RPG-style world that allows you to work your way up through the ranks at the Royal Tennis Academy.

[edit] Characters

  • Mario - All-around
  • Luigi - All-around
  • Princess Peach - Technique
  • Daisy - Technique
  • Toad - Technique
  • Waluigi - Technique
  • Baby Mario - Speed
  • Yoshi - Speed
  • Birdo - Speed
  • Donkey Kong - Power
  • Wario - Power
  • Bowser - Power
  • Paratroopa - Trick
  • Boo - Trick

[edit] Unlockables

  • Donkey Kong Jr. - Power; unlock by winning the doubles Star Cup
  • Shy Guy - Technique; unlock by winning the Star Cup singles

[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Exhibition

You can play doubles or single games choosing between the best out of 1,3,5 or best 3 out of 6.

[edit] Campaign

Campaign is made up of Mushroom Cup where you play in composition court of hard court, then you move up to the Flower Cup where you play on clay. After winning the Flower Cup, you move to the Star Cup in grass court.

In each tournament, you play three games of the best 2 out of three sets.

[edit] Courts

-Composition court; Ball speed is high and bounce is normal. -Clay court; Ball speed is slow and low bounce. -Grass Court; Ball speed is high and bounce is low. -Hard court; Ball speed is normal and the bounce is high.

[edit] Unlockable Courts

-Mario Bros. Court; Ball speed is fast and bounce is low. Unlock by winning the Star Cup in singles using Mario.
-Donkey Kong Court; Ball speed is fast and bounce is very high. Unlock by winning the Mushroom Cup in singles using Donkey Kong.
-Mario and Luigi Court; Ball speed is fast and bounce is normal. Unlock by winning the Star Cup with Luigi and by being Mario in doubles.
-Baby Mario and Yoshi Court; Ball speed is very fast and bounce is low. Unlock by winning the Flower Cup with Yoshi in singles.

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