Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged

The North American box art

Developer Next Level Games
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii
Release Dates Europe: May 25, 2007

North America: July 30, 2007
Japan: September 20, 2007
Australia: Australia June 7, 2007
South Korea: March 18, 2010

Genre Sport
Rating E10+


[edit] Background

The sequel to the game Super Mario Strikers. Like the last game, this game is all about soccer. But this game theres new characters, modes, items and much more!

In PAL regions, Mario Strikers Charged! is called Mario Strikers Charged Football.

[edit] Controls

Controls for Mario Strikers Charged

These are the basic controls that both the Captain and Sidekicks can do. The goalie though, has totally different controls.

Movement/Dribbling: When the control stick on the Nunchuck is pressed, without the player is not in possession of the ball the player will move in the corresponding direction. If you do have the possession of the ball you will instead dribble the ball. An advance technique you can do is "chipping". To do this you press the "Z" button, allowing you to kick the ball in front of you. Yes, you do lose possession of the ball but it helps charge the ball up.

Deke: This is kind of an advanced skill. Pressing the control pad allows you to fake in whatever direction you press. This helps you dodge opponent going in for the tackle or steal. This also helps maintain the balls charge state for a longer period of time.

Pass: A basic offensive skill, to pass the ball all you need to do is press "A". Passing the ball is a great way to avoid the enemy taking the ball. Passing the ball also charges the ball up, this way, goals can be easier to make.

Shoot: A more powerful form of passing. You press "B" to shoot, and it automatically shoots the ball towards the goal, no matter where you are. You can also hold down B to charge your shots before you shoot. Also, as you receive shots you can pull off flip shots by holding down B.

Clear: When you have the ball on your side of the field, you can simply press B to kick the ball to the other side of the field. This is effective when you're crowded by opponents.

Switch Players: If someone on your has the ball it will automatically switch to that character. You can also change characters by passing the ball to your teammate. You may switch to a different teammate by pressing "A" at any time, even if they do not have the ball.

Slide Tackle: Performed the same way faking is (use the control pad). This allows a player without the ball tackle the opponent with the ball and steal it. Less powerful than the "Big Hit", but it is worth it, because you gain immediate control of the ball after.

Big Hit: To do this, you have to shake the Wii Remote and you perform the the most devastating tackle. But, you don't gain immediate control over the ball afterwards like the "Slide Tackle"

Mega Shakedown: When a captain begins a "Mega Strike" the opponent player can move the meter by shaking the Nunchuck (unless you're playing a CPU), and this makes lining up the meter even harder. This also may increase the chance of the opposing player to deflect the Mega Strike. Directly attacking the captain is more useful, but the option is not always available.

Use Items: To use items you press the "C" button. This allows you to use any item in your inventory. But items that activate a captain's Super Ability can ONLY be used by the captain.

[edit] Goalie

Kritter getting ready to block a Mega Strike

Pass: A basic move of the goalie. It does nothing but put the ball back into play.

Punt: The goalie's version of "clear", it allows the goalie to move the ball far away from the goal. This is effective when the opponents are surrounding the goal.

Body Check: The goalies are automatically brutal. If an opponent is in the goalie box for too long while the goalie is holding the ball the he will "check" the opponent.

Mega Strike Block: When a Mega Strike is preformed by the other team, its the goalies job to block as many balls as possible. The player/and or CPU assumes a first-person view from the goalie’s eyes and moves the Wii Remote to move the hands of the goalie, which is represented by two had icons. When the ball approaches you, you have to press A to deflect and destroy it. The speed of the balls depend on how well the opposing player/CPU did on the meter.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Captain Skills

Mega Strike: More powerful than a standard shot, and it is performed when a captain fully charges his/her shot. To perform it, hold down the B button to charge until the meter pops up. Proper timing is how you determine how many balls is in the Mega Strike as the meter swings to the left (from 3-6, increasing as it goes left, but overshooting the 6 area results in a 3). When the ball goes towards the right, proper timing determines the ball speed. The small orange part is the fastest and the green is the second fastest. Then comes gray, but you really don't want gray.

Super Ability: Each captain may obtain a character-specific item during the course of a game. When you're in the control of the captain, pressing the C button activates the item. Super abilities are devastating, because it can let you free to do the Mega Strike straight after.

[edit] Sidekick Skills

Skillshot: This is kind of like the Mega Strike. You hold down the B button to do it, the Skillshot is different depending on the sidekick.

[edit] Items

[edit] Offensive Items

  • Bananas: The Bananas play the role as the "landmine" type of time. When a player steps on the banana they fall and lose possession of the ball. Bananas come in sets of three or five normal sized items. But there is also a bigger banana that comes in a set of one.
  • Green Shells: A basic projectile items. They do not home on to characters like "Red Shells" do. But they come in sets of three which is very effective. When the Green Shells hit the wall, they will ricochet off. But the Green Shells are destroyed after contact with a player. The player will fall over and be stunned for a brief moment.
  • Giant Green Shells: Much like the regular Green Shells, but you can only fire one Giant Green Shell at a time. But this item is very devastating item and does not go away after hitting a player once.
  • Red Shells: More advanced than Green Shells. They come in a set of three which makes them very effective. The Red Shells home on to the nearest opponent(s), but sometimes not all of the Red Shells hit opponents, and they are destroyed when they hit a wall.
  • Giant Red Shells: More powerful than the Red Shell or Giant Green Shell. The Giant Red Shell homes on to one person and hits them, but then its homing abilities are bullied and it acts just like a normal Giant Green Shell. It can also bounce off the wall multiple times before crumbling, unlike the regular Red Shells. You may only use one at a time.
  • Blue Shells: Many people probably would think of the Blue Shells in Mario Kart, but they aren't the same. The Blue Shells come in a set of three and bounce off the walls until they come in contact with a player. The player/character is then encased in ice and is stunned for a few seconds.
  • Giant Blue Shells: It does the same thing as the Blue Shells, but is only bigger. You can only shoot one off at a time.
  • Spiny Shells: The same as Green Shells and come in a set of three. Spiny Shells can bounce off the wall more than once though, and can run over a player an infinite amount of times.
  • Giant Spiny Shells: The only real difference between the normal Spiny Shells and the Giant ones is that the size is greater.
  • Bob-Ombs: One of the most devastating items in the whole game. They come in a set of three or five. They are deployed in front of the player, and anyone in the radius of the explosion is affected. But the player who deployed the bombs is never affected, but the players teammates can be hit by them.
  • Giant Bob-Ombs: Like the regular Bob-Ombs they're one of the most devastating items. The explosion size of the Giant Bob-Omb is much greater than just three Bob-Ombs and the blast radius is much greater, but the attack is not as wide as three normal Bob-Ombs. You may only only use one Giant Bob-Omb at a time.
  • Chain Chomps: Probably the most devastating item in the whole game. The Chain Chomp systematically attacks everyone on the opposing team, running them all over and stunning them for a few seconds. This item is rare and appears if the player/team is losing badly. Also, if you or none of your team are in possession of the ball. The Chain Chomp will fall on the opponent will has it first.

[edit] Defensive Items

  • Mushrooms: No, the mushroom does not make you faster. The mushroom makes you faster, and this is useful to get pass the opponents and to try to make a goal. Running can increase the usefulness too.
  • Stars: The Star makes players invincible for a short time. This would help against the Chain Chomp if the other team has called one in. You can use this to score any type of goal in the time limit of the Star. You may also combine it will the Mega Strike, but you should activate it right when the meter appears.

[edit] Super Ability Items

Super Ability items are items which are represented by the team Captain's header, this item allows the captain to use his or her Super Ability. The effects of each Super Ability change depending on which character you are. Super Abilities can be offensive, defensive, or even both. Using a Super Ability before using your Mega Strike is really useful because it clears the field.

[edit] Modes


Mario Strikers Charged has a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer, but there are also some single-player modes in the game!

Road to the Strikers Cup

This mode is designed for one or two players, it is the standard tournament mode seen in all other Mario sports games also. Players are challenged by various teams across three cups. As the mode progresses, the difficulty increases. You can also choose to play in Extreme Mode if you want, which makes the game really difficult from the start. This mode also uses a tournament ladder or the table system seen in Super Mario Strikers.

Domination Mode'

This mode takes place in the grudge match mode, this mode can be played with up to four players. Two teams are created, and players can choose the team they wish to play on. Their are matches such as 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, and 1 vs. 3. All four players can also cooperate against a CPU player.

Striker Challenges

Each character has one challenge, which amounts to 12 total. Most of the challenges involve winning under some kind of circumstance. (Such as a goalie being very weak to charged shots, and the opposing team is leading by five or more points at the start). The challenges are separated by difficulty, which is two as Novice, two as Professional, three as Superstar, three as Legend and two as MegaStriker. When you complete each challenge, you unlock a new cheat to use in Domination Mode, and it also unlocks a card that features artwork of the player used in that challenge. Each of the 13 challenges lets you use all 12 Captains too. Only 11 of the Captains are opponents too, because Donkey Kong is faced twice, which means Bowser Jr. is left out. Before a challenge there is an article in the "Striker Times" based on the event.

Nintendo WFC Mode

Wi-Fi friend code billboard

The most anticipated mode because it is online play. This mode allows players to accress to the internet and you will be able to play with anyone in your region through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC). Example, a player in Europe can play with anyone in that continent, but can't play with a friend in America, Nintendo did this to avoid lag. The matches can be a combination of four players on two teams as long as at least one player controls each team.

Online, you can randomly match make and play a ranked match with someone. But you can also add your friends "Wii System Codes" and play with them. Points in online ranking will not be recorded though. The friend play options are equivalent to Domination Mode options too.

Online, you are identified by a Mii by your choosing. Using this system, a "Striker of the Day" is crowded based on the player who has earned the most points day-by-day in a week time period. YOu can earn points by playing ranked matches, but in matches that are unranked, you want earn any points. In the ranked matches, you are awarded points by winning matches (ten points), scoring goals (one for each goal, but goals after ten in a game do not count), if you don't disconnect and take a loss you earn one point. But if you disconnect immaturely you will lose points.

In WFC mode, you will be able to choose able captain, even if you haven't unlocked them yet offline.

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