Mario Stadium (Baseball Stadium)

Mario Stadium

Mario Stadium as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Field Effects None
Special Minigame played here Bob-omb Derby


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Mario Stadium is one of the stadiums that appears in both Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. As the name implies, this is the home stadium for Mario. This stadium is the most basic stadium in both Mario Baseball games. The two main features of this stadium are the giant "M" that can be made out in straightaway center field, and the fact that this is the only stadium that seats fans during gameplay in either baseball game. The mini-game played at this stadium in both games is Bob-omb Derby. Also, when challenging Mario in Challenge Mode, the game will always be played here.

[edit] Field Effects

Mario Stadium is the only stadium in either of the two baseball games to lack any hindering field effects. This is the reason that all practice in Training Mode takes place in Mario Stadium.

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

The field in Mario Superstar Baseball is set near a beach with some sand that can be seen just a little past the center field wall. It is quite likely that this stadium is located on Isle Delfino as many of the fans that sit in the stands during games are Nokis and Piantas.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

There are a few notable changes to the stadium with its return in Mario Super Sluggers. The main difference is the setting. Instead of a beach with just a little sand over the center field wall like in Superstar Baseball, the stadium is now located right on the water's edge with additional upgrades to the stands and scoreboard. The stands seat about twice as many fans as in Superstar Baseball and now have seats that are traditional and other seats that are like a beach house. There are now lights in the stadium for nighttime games along with flags modeled after Super Mario Bros. games. You can also see a lighthouse far off on a cliff. Other features like the giant "M" in center field are kept in the stadium's transition to Super Sluggers.

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