Mario Party Points

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Mario Party Points are points that would be obtained in Mario Party DS. The player could collect these points through several ways like traveling spaces. They can be used to achieve badges and Character Figures.

[edit] List of Bonuses

  • Mini-Game Wins: 20 each
  • Turns Played: Number of turns
  • Bonus Star Bounty: 30 per Bonus Star
  • Star Stash: 10 per Power Star
  • Coin Cache: Number of Coins
  • Puzzle Games: Varies
  • COM Difficulty Bonus: Up to 50% of the sub-total

They would make a return in Mario Party 9 as they can be earned through playing minigames, boards or completing the Solo Mode of the game. Players can purchase cars and constellations, or DK's Jungle Ruins at the Museum..

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