Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8
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Box Art

Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii
Release Date(s) NA May 29, 2007

EU June 22, 2007
UK July 13, 2007 (Recalled)
Re-released: August 3, 2007
AUS July 19, 2007
JP July 26, 2007

Mario Party 8 is the ninth game in the Mario Party series (counting Mario Party Advance). It's the first and so far, the only Mario Party game to be released on the Wii. It is the best selling Mario Party game to date, at over 7.6 million copies sold and is also the 9th best selling Wii game.


[edit] Story

In Mario Party 8, the Star Carnival has come into town. Ballyhoo and his talking top hat Big Top challenge everyone to the “Star Battle”, in which the winner will receive a year’s worth of candy, the relic the Star Rod and the title Superstar. When Boswer visits, he steals the Star Rod and it’s up to the player to get the Star Rod back in order to save the Carnival.

[edit] Gameplay

  • Like any Mario Party game, Mario Party 8 is made up of many minigames that can be played on six different game boards. None of these minigames are repeats from the past, and there are 8 types of minigames: 4-player, 1 player vs. 3 players, 2 players vs. 2 players, Battl, Duel, Challenge, Extra and Last. The controls vary from pressing a, to using the Wiimote and to using buttons. There are no Bowser minigames, although you can face Bowser in one minigame. Hit the Dice Block to advance around the board, collect Stars and coins. The winner is the person with the most Stars at the end of the game. There are five ways to play the minigames: Party Tent
  • Star Battle Arena
  • Minigame Tent
  • Extras Zone
  • Fun Bazaar Party Tent – Here you can play either a Battle Royale, Tag Battle or Duel Battle. They all use the six game boards (if you have unlocked Bowser’s world), but change with the number of players. Battle Royale is played with four players; Tag Battle is two players vs. two players and a Duel Battle is one player vs. another. Star Battle Arena – Here you will play against a computer on all six game boards (with Bowser’s board being last). If you win all the rounds, you will win a year’s supply of candy! Once you have beaten Hammer Bros. or Blooper, you will face Bowser. Minigame Tent – This is straight minigames with no board. You can only play minigames you’ve played before hand. The Free Play Arcade allows you to select a minigame you’ve played previously to play. In the Crown Showdown, the player will try to win as many minigames as they can to rack in the most wins. Flip Out Frenzy allows the player to play minigames while trying to control most of the tiles. Tic Tac Drop is versus another player. You aim to get three in a row, like Tic Tac To. Lastly, Test for the Best is a series of minigames in which you get ranked. The higher the rank, the higher your balloon will soar. Extras Zone – This is an area where you can play with your Mii characters. These minigames are not found anywhere else, and some must be bought from the Fun Bazaar. Fun Bazaar – The Fun Bazaar is made up of many little stores. Carnival Wagon displays any figures you’ve bought using Carnival Cards. At the Minigame Wagon, give Shy Guy Carnival Cards to purchase minigames not yet played. The Record Board displays players and staff results at certain minigames. At the Surprise Wagon, you can trade Carnival Cards for various minigames, figures and other miscellaneous things. Lastly, at the Carnival Calliope, you can listen to voices and music from the games. There are six boards, which you can play on:
  • DK’s Treetop Temple
  • Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk
  • King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway
  • Shy Guy’s Perplex Express
  • Koopa’s Tycoon Town
  • Bowser’s Warped Orbit DK’s Treetop Temple – Collect Stars by passing the Star location. You will need 20 coins to be able to purchase a Star. Once it has been bought, the Star will move to another location. DK Barrel Cannon’s will blast you to a location throught out the board, and it cost 5 coins. The DK Space will throw you to the Star spot, and the Bowser space will change the location of the Star. The Lucky Space takes you behind the DK statue for an automatic free star and lots of coins. Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk – Collect the most Stars by reaching King Goomba at the end of the board multiple times. The DK spaces will take 5 coins from you. You shake the 5 coins to give you more coins. The Bowser space will have three fireballs surround you. These will take coins from you. Dolphin spaces will advance you more forward on the board at a price. The Lucky square takes you to a private island that gives you an automatic free star. King Boo’s Haunted Hideway – Find King Boo in his labriynth, and purchase a star for 10 coins. The map is not shown, unless you have visited a room. The Bowser square will steal a star from you, and if not, give you 10 coins. The DK square will make deadends turn into a place where you can obtain a free star. The Lucky square takes you upstairs with loads of coins and a direct path to King Boo to purchase the Star. Shy Guy’s Perplex Express – You must trade 20 coins for a Star at the front of the train with Shy Guy. The DK Square will change the front of the train. He will be there giving one free star. The Bowser square is the opposite, he will steal a Star or coins if you reach him. The Lucky Square will drop you off for an automatic star and free coins. Koopa’s Tycoon Town – Invest coins in hotels for the most Stars. The more coins invested in a hotel, the more it can get upgraded. Hotels can be upgraded to 3-star hotels. You can steal people’s hotels by investing more coins in the hotel than they did. You cannot exceed a solo investment of 100 coins by a player. DK Square will invest 20 coins into somewhere you have already invested. Bowser square will steal coins from a hotel. The Lucky square will drive you to one of two secret hotels. You can get free coins, and an investment of 3 stars for 1 coin. Bowser’s Warped Orbit – You begin with Stars, and must steal everyone else’s Stars to win. You will need lots of Bowser and Bullet candy. DK squares will give you free candy. Bowser squares will steal a Star from you. The Lucky square will take you to a secret part of the board for free coins and both a Boswer and Bullet candy. The remaining squares can be either blue, red or ?. Blue squares will give you an additional 3 coins, and red squares will take away 3 coins. Each player will begin with 10 coins. The ? squares may or may not help a player. While playing, you will pass Candy stores. These will allow you to purchase one Candy at a time to help a player throughout the game.

[edit] Controls

  • Wiimote D-Pad: Used in select minigames when the Wiimote is held sideways
  • A Button: Used to select and navigate through menu’s/settings, and used in most games
  • B Button: Used in some minigames as an alternate for the A button
  • Minus: Used to exit in a minigame practise
  • Plus: Brings up the Pause Menu. This will allow you to customize setting during the game, or from here you can quit. During Party Mode, you can choose which groups of minigames to play, choosing to skip computer’s minigames, change computer difficulty, change message speed, or to change the kind of players (computer to human or vice versa). In Star Battle Arena, you only choose to skip computer’s minigames and message speed.
  • Home: Brings up the Wiimote Home screen. This can enable the user to check battery life, check if Wiimotes are properly synced, turn on and off sound/rumble and you can go back to the Wii menu.
  • 1 Button: Sometimes used in minigames
  • 2 Button: Sometimes used in minigames

[edit] Boards

While some of the game boards are classic Mario Party in nature, with players attempting to reach locations where 20 coins can be traded for a star, others are more varied. For example, "Koopa's Tycoon Town" involves players investing coins into hotels (as in Monopoly) in order to earn stars, with each hotel only providing stars to the player with the highest current investment.

As always, all boards include a number of random elements which can greatly influence the course of the game. Notable for this is "Shy Guy's Perplex Express", where the train cars which make up the game board can be re-ordered as the result of landing on a certain space, completely changing the relative positions of all players. There are six boards total in Mario Party 8.

[edit] Playable Characters

Playable characters returning from the previous titles include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Dry Bones, Boo, Toad, and Toadette. In addition, two new characters have been added to the roster: Blooper and Hammer Bro.. This provides a total of 14 playable characters once all have been unlocked. Bowser, Donkey Kong, King Boo, Shy Guys, Koopa Troopas and Goombas have secondary roles throughout mini games, boards and menus. Other Mario characters and enemies make minor appearance, for example Bob-omb's appear in a mini game.

Players can also use Miis in any "Extras Zone" mini games unlocked via the "Fun Bazaar", although Miis are not otherwise usable during normal game play. Miis can also be seen in the background of the Minigames Tent and in mini games.

[edit] Items

· Bullet Candy: Your player will be transformed into a bullet, and you can hit the dice block 3 times (max. roll 30). Every player you pass will lose one star. This is only found on Bowser’s game board.

· Bowser Candy: Your player will transform into Bowser, and you can hit the dice block twice (max. roll 20). Each player you pass will lose two stars. This is only found on Bowser’s game board.

· Thwomp Candy: Your player will turn into stone, and “thwomp” anyone in their path, taking half their coins. You do not keep their coins.

· Duelo Candy: Your character is set on fire and can hit two dice blocks (max. roll 20). The first player they run into will play a Duel minigame with them. The winner throws a dart for a prize.

· Slowgo Candy: Slows the dice block down to hit a number you want (if you time it right). You can only hit a number one through five.

· Twice Candy: Let’s the player hit the dice block twice (max. roll 20)

· Thrice Candy: Let’s the player hit the dice block three times (max. roll 30)

· Bowlo Candy: You player is turned into a ball, and “bowls” any player in their path. Every person hit must donate 10 coins to the bowling player.

· Weeglee Candy: Your character is transformed into 3 miniature players, who take one piece of candy from every person they pass. You cannot choose the candy taken.

· Bit-Size Candy: Your player will be transformed into the 8-bit version of your character. Every step they take they hit Mario coin boxes for an additional three coins. You can receive a max. of 30 coins (10 dice block)

· Bloway Candy: Your characters legs become a tornado. Every player you hit will be sent back to start.

· Springo Candy: Your character turns into a spring to jump to another player’s position. This is decided by throwing a dart to choose a player. You can hit the dice block to move after you have switched positions.

· Vampire Candy: Your character will grow wings, and become more evil. They will throw a dart to pick an amount of coins to steal from other players.

· Cashzap Candy: Throw a dart to choose a victim, who will lose half their coins from lightning bolts.

Trophies (30 Carnival Cards at the Fun Bazaar)
· DK’s Balancing Act
· DK Barrel Cannon
· Dolphin Shuttle Swirl
· Shipwrecked Goomba’s
· King Boo’s Revenge
· Hideaway Breakout
· Perplexed Chef
· Express Engine
· Koopa Crane
· Hotel Happiness
· Warped Space Shuttle
· Space Colony Tower
· Super Shaken Soda
· Sugar Rush Surprise
· Bullet Blitzer
· Party Karting
· Spinning Boat
· Sweet Saucer
· Flip the Chimp
· Big Bob-omb’s Blast
· Baby Penguin Frolic
· Lava Bubble Burst
· Potted Piranha Plant
· Chain Chomphouse
· Poppin’ Party Tent
· Star Carnival Stage
· Barrel of Fun
· Bowser’s Fury
· Ballyhoo and Big Top
· Test Take Off

[edit] Mini-Games

4 players
· Mario Matrix: You have 20 seconds to point and click as many lit up panels as you can.

· At the Chomp Wash: Scrub the paint off the Chain Chomp as fast as you can!

· Kartastrophe: Finish first in a two-lap kart race.

· Mosh-Pit Playroom: Grab all 50 balls of your colour. Avoid other players jumping on you

· Shake It Up: Shake the Wiimote as fast as you can to have your soda shoot the highest

· Scooter Pursuit: In 30 seconds, shoot your opponents as many times as you can, while avoid being hit

· Punch-A-Bunch: Destroy the Bowser statue blocking your path on the bridge

· Alpine Assault: Race to the finish on a snowboard, avoiding snowmen and other players.

· Flip the Chimp: Avoid the falling coconuts by moving your monkey to the other side

· Crank to Rank: Rotate your flag as fast as you can to the top of the flag

· In the Nick of Time: Rotate the dials of the clock to the position shown before your opponents

· Swing Kings: Try to hit the baseball out in the diamond as many times as you can

· Water Ski Spree: Water ski on ramps to collect coins, avoiding bombs

· Speedy Graffiti: Trace the outlines in a rock using a spray can

· Lava or Leave ‘em: Avoid the volcano eruptions for as long as you can

· Sick and Twisted: Jump from spinning platforms to reach the end, avoiding bullets

· Rudder Madness: Move your lily pad to the finish line first

· Treacherous Tightrope: Keep your balance as you walk on a tightrope. First one finished wins

2 vs. 2 players
· Rowed to Victory: You and your partner row one oar towards the island in the middle. First team there wins

· Winner or Dinner: Run through an oasis collecting coins, avoiding Piranha Plants

· Crops n’ Robbers: One teammate must pull out all the carrots, while the other hits the Monty’s.

· Grabby Gridiron: Catch the bouncy balls and score goals in your colour

· Bumper Balloons: Steer your car around to pop balloons of your color

· King of the Thrill: One player from each team will face one player on the opponent’s team. They will battle on crumbling ground, and whoever wins advances to the next battle

· Lean, Mean Ravine: Reach the finish line with your hovercraft before the other team does

· Paint Misbehavin’: Shoot Goomba’s with paint along side your partner. The most Goomba’s coloured wins

· Sugar Rush: Grab toppings to make an identical cake shown by the Koopa

· Boo-ting Gallery: Shoot all the Boo’s with your partner first.

1 vs. 3 players
· Snow Way Out: One player shoots from the ground at the other three players standing on a roof. All 3 players must slide off the roof for the one player to win

· Swervin’ Skies: Avoid the shooter, or shoot each player twice to pop their balloons

· Gun the Runner: One player had 30 seconds to reach the top, while the other three shoot that player

· Chump Rope: One player swings the jump rope, while the other three must jump over it

· Bob-ombs Away: One player must avoid the bombs being thrown at them by the 3 other players for 30 seconds

· Picture Perfect: Both teams make a picture by click on panels in the correct position while they are rotating

· Thrash n’ Crash: One player sets off booby traps for the other three players on skateboards to hit. The three skateboarders need to avoid these traps

· Grabbin’ Gold: Both teams move their baskets left and right to catch coins. Avoid the bombs!

· Power Trip: One player must trap the other three in corners so they jump off using a hovercraft

· Pour to Score: Tilt your Wiimote to pour the correct weight of sand onto the scale

· Fruit Picker: Memorize the positions of 5 fruits. The wheel turns and asks you to locate certain fruits

· Stampede: Your character must stamp 20 blank, white pages in 20 seconds. Avoid the Bowser sheets

· Shake It Up: Identical to the four player game, except with only one other person

· You’re the Bob-omb: Using pure luck, pull random switches to blow up your opponents huge Bob-omb

· Attention Grabber: Wave your Wiimote wildly to grab the boat’s attention before your opponent

· Blazing Lassos: Charge up your lasso by swinging it like a cowboy until it is glowing. Throw it to a barrel, and flick it back with your wrist. Collect points from the barrels (indicated on each barrel)

· Wing and a Scare: Steer your aircraft around obstacles to the finish line. First there wins

· Lob to Rob: Shoot mushrooms, and avoid shooting Goomba’s

· Pumper Cars: Pump your car to the end as fast as you can

· Cosmic Slalom: Move your ship through a tunnel, avoiding obstacles to the finish line. First there wins

· Lava Lobbers: Aim with your Wiimote and shoot your opponent three times

· Loco Motives: Point and click to change the directions of three trains. You do not want them to pop your balloon. They will have a flashing light when they are close

· Specter Inspector: Find 3 common characters hiding in objects in a dark room

· Frozen Assets: Kick or punch icicles to get the gems inside

· Breakneck Building: Complete the tasks (hammering, sawing and painting) before your opponent in a course

· Surf’s Way Up: Fly through the point goals, avoiding the x0 goals. Collect the most points to win

· Balancing Act: Roll your barrel to the end first, avoiding the obstacles on the way

· Ion the Prize: Tilt the sorter to match the purple blobs to the purple tube, and the green blobs to the green tube, which are falling from above

· Cardiators: Choose random cards to inflict the most damage to your opponent

· Rotation Station: Rotate the camera view, and jump the platforms to the top

· Eyebrawl: Make large circles around the eyes to defeat them

· Settle it in Court: Shoot basketballs at the correct time. Most baskets win

· Saucer Swarm: Rotate your ship (fixed position) to shoot as many invaders. If they reach your ship, you are temporarily stunned. Whoever shoots the most wins

· Glacial Meltdown: Knock your opponents off the tilting glacier. You can use Bussy Beatles to attack as well

· Aim of the Game: Shoot 5 falling cards for the highest score, avoiding the x0 cards

· Snipe for the Picking: Shoot the targets at the highest numbers. The biggest score wins

· Cut from the Team: Take turns cutting wires that may send you flying. It is all luck

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