Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)

Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)
MGGBC Cover.png
North American Boxart
Developer Camelot
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Game Boy Color, Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Release Date(s) Game Boy Color
JP: August 10th, 1999
NA: October 5th, 1999
EU: October 26th, 1999
Virtual Console (3DS)
JP: October 3rd, 2012
NA: October 11th, 2012
EU: September 5th, 2013
AU: September 5th, 2013
Genre Golf
ERSB ESRB E.svg - Everyone

Mario Golf is a golfing Mario game that was released on the Game Boy Color in 1999. It would later be released onto the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2012. Mario Golf was used to provide the capability to interact with the Nintendo 64 version of the game.

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