Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Genre Fantasy RPG
Developer AlphaDream
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release Date(s) Nov 17, 03 [North America]
Nov 21, 03 [JP, EU, AUS]
Mode(s) Single-Player, Multiplayer
Perspectives(s) Isometric

[edit] Background

An epic adventure unfolds in a strange new land as Mario and Luigi team up for the first time in a hilarious, action-filled role-playing game. An evil witch has stolen Princess Peach's voice and replaced her fair speech with explosives! As chaos breaks out in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi head for the castle and meet up with Bowser, who just arrived to kidnap the princess. When they find out what happened, these sworn enemies join forces and follow the witch to a neighboring kingdom.

[edit] Features

  • Explore the new world using a unique simultaneous control setup that lets you control each brother separately or team up for super moves.
  • Enjoy the involved story, puzzle-solving challenges and the experience of a classic role-playing game combined with the jumping challenges of a plat former and an all-new, reflex-testing battle system.
  • Interact with other classic Mario characters and enemies throughout the game.

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