Mario's Abilities (PMTTYD)

Mario will learn to take different forms during his adventure. The buttons used to activate these are different for each ability.

Learn from Black Chests: During your adventure, you will encounter black chests. Opening these will allow Mario to learn new abilities.

Plane Mode: Change into a paper airplane and fly through the air tilt the control stick right and left with good timing to fly farther. To activate this ability you have to stand on a tile with a drawing of a paper airplane on it and push Y.

Paper Mode: Press and hold R to make Mario turn sideways. If you use the control stick to make Mario walk in this mode, he can fit through narrow spaces.

Rolling Paper Mode: Hold down R and rotate the control stick to roll up into a tube. Then Mario can roll under obstacles or into low, small spaces.

Paper Boat Mode: Find a boat platform and press and hold R. You will turn into a paper sailboat that you can control. To turn back into Mario find the same or a different boat platform and press and hold R.
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