Mario's Power-ups Part 1
  • The tanooki suit:

The tanooki was one of the most memorable power-ups in the Super Mario Brothers Franchise. This power-up allowed Mario to fly (after the P meter is filled up)(not to be confused with the raccoon suit). It also allowed Mario to turn into a statue to avoid enemy attacks. Mario could also kill enemies he couldn't kill without the tanooki suit (ie. Lakatu's spinys). The tanooki suit also makes an appearance in Super Mario Bros. for the 3DS. This one is different from the one in SMB3. You no longer have to wait for the P meter to fill up to fly and you can't turn into a statue until the later levels.

  • The Hammer Suit:
The hammer suit is found in levels to kill enemies Mario couldn't kill himself (ie. piranha plants). 

"The sight of hammer Mario hitting a hammer koopa is poetic justice."-Nintendo Power The hammer suit is exclusive to SMB3.

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