Magma Mine

Magma Mine

Overview of Magma Mine board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Theme Volcano, Cavern
Availability Available at the start

The Magma Mine board is one of the boards that appear in Mario Party 9. It is a board that is available from the start of the game. Players would ride a minecart for this board while inside of a volcano. During the Solo Mode part of the game, the players will take on a giant Spike as the mini-boss of the board. When the players reach the Bowser Gate, they will face off against a Giant Chain Chomp as the stage boss.

The players will begin on this board at the bottom of the mine where there is a circle of lava. When these players make their way around the circle to a large ramp that will start to take the players up. Players will fight the mid-boss(Spike in Solo Mode) close to the middle of the board. When the player defeats the mid-boss, the players will have an option to go into different directions. When the players reach these fork in the roads, the players will have to pick which way to go and it will be randomly decided which way they will go. Also the lava will rise up to where the players are at and after every players turn, the lava will rise two vertical spaces. When the lava hits a place, it will cause the Captain to lose half of their Mini Stars. On this board, there are spaces called Magma Spaces. These spaces can only be found on this level and when they are landed on, depending on the number on the space, the lava will raise vertically. When the players reach the top of the volcano, the lava will no longer rise.

Players will ride in a mine cart for this level called the Shaky Mine Cart. The Bone Barrow and Chain Chomp Coupe can also be purchased for this board for 200 Party Points from the Museum.

[edit] Dice Block Chicken

The Captain Event for this board is called Dice Block Chicken. For this Captain Event, the players will have to leave their vehicle as the board will take them to their own mine carts where there will be identical paths. These paths will include several sets of Mini Stars and a cliff at the end of the track. Players will roll a Dice Block and move according to the number they hit. The captain will be able to choose when to stop before a round of Dice Block and the event will end. The event will also end when the captain falls off the track or collects all of the Mini Stars. If any other player runs off the tracks, they will not get any Mini Stars.

[edit] Spike Boss Battle

During the Solo Mode of the game, players will have to face off against a giant Spike in the mini-game called Spike Strike. For this mini-game, players will be inside of a volcano where they are below the Spike that is at the top of the hill. The Spike will throw spiked balls at the players and players will have to point at the screen to choose one of the items that appear on the screen and will throw back the spiked ball to the Spike. Players can use a Golden Hammer to earn three points, a Normal Hammer for one point, or a stick to lose a point.

[edit] Chain Chomp Boss Battle

At the end of the board, the players will take on a giant Chain Chomp in the mini-game Chain Chomp Romp. Players will take on the Chain Chomp at the top of the mine where they start off in front of minecarts that lead to cannons. The Chain Chomp will be at the end of the tracks. Players will have to choose which minecart they want to ride in to lead to the cannon and shoot at the Chain Chomp to collect points. If the player gets the Golden Cannon, they can deal three points.

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